Responsible Conduct of Research

Simon Fraser University supports and encourages the maintenance of the highest ethical standards in research and scholarship. Primary responsibility for high standards of conduct in research and scholarship rests with the individuals carrying out these activities. All research conducted under the auspices of SFU is subject to the guidelines for research integrity under the SFU Integrity in Research Policy R 60.01.

Research involving human subjects, animals or bio-hazardous materials must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Research Ethics Board (REB) or Committee, or by more than one, depending on the nature of the research.

Researchers who intend to work with human subjects must comply with Research Policy R 20.01. Before beginning work, they will need to submit an application to the Research Ethics Board. For further information and application guidelines, see the Office of Research Ethics.

Researchers who intend to carry out research with animals should consult Research Policy R 20.03 and submit an application to the Animal Care Committee. For further information, see Animal Care.

The SFU Biosafety Policy R 20.02 defines biohazards, outlines responsibilities of users and administrators, and provides procedures regarding permits for biohazardous work. Researchers whose work falls under the policy are required to apply for a Biosafety Permit following the process described on the Biosafety Program website.

The SFU Radiation Safety Policies R 20-04 and R 20-05 and govern the use of radiological non-iodizing radiation safety at SFU. For further information, see the Radiation Safety Office.