Closing Old NSERC/SSHRC Grants

How do I access my large, remaining balance from my old NSERC or SSHRC account?

NSERC and/or SSHRC advised SFU's Research Accounting (RA) to close your old research grant account.  SFU must comply with the funding agency's request.

Access to your remaining, available balance in order to complete the agency's approved project is possible.  However, a new SFU research project (or account) must be established.  As a reminder, the funding agency may choose to review final expenditures at any time. Thus, check the 2016 Financial Administration Guide for the details about eligible and ineligible expenditures.

Please email the following documentation to (Office of Research Services)

  1. A complete/fully signed SFU Signature Sheet with a budget which cannot exceed your remaining available balance. You will have one year to spend the remaining balance which must be in accordance with the Tri-Agency policy as stated in the Financial Administration guide; and,

  2. A brief but detailed description (max. one page) of the research to be carried out using the remaining balance [Reminder: If your plan is to purchase equipment from these funds, copy(ies) of quote(s) are required and must be included with your submission]; and,

  3. Copy(ies) of any certificates, where required. If ethical approval is no longer required for this final one-year grant, please confirm that The Office of Research Ethics (ORE) has been advised.

ORS will request that RA establish a new SFU account for you. RA will provide you with your new SFU account information.


  • The account may not lapse into deficit.
  • The account will close after one year and any remaining funds will be returned to the appropriate General Research Fund (GRF).
  • No extension will be possible.

Thank you.

Anikó Takács-Cox
Office of Research Services (ORS)
Tel: 778-782-2046

January 2015