Spring 2019 - ACMA 101 E100

Introduction to Insurance (3)

Class Number: 3368

Delivery Method: In Person


  • Course Times + Location:

    Mo 4:30 PM – 6:20 PM
    SWH 10041, Burnaby

    We 4:30 PM – 5:20 PM
    SSCK 9500, Burnaby

  • Exam Times + Location:

    Apr 15, 2019
    7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    AQ 3181, Burnaby

  • Corequisites:

    MATH 150, 151, 154 or 157.



General overview of universally useful concepts in insurance, pensions and financial management. Typical life, health and property & casualty insurance products; underwriting; pricing; reserving; regulation; social insurance; retirement plans and annuities; financial planning: mortgages, loans, wealth management. Quantitative/Breadth-Science.


This course is an introduction to insurance products and financial planning. The topics covered include:

  • Life Insurance: Life insurance products: Temporary, whole-life, endowment, universal life, variable life, annuities Life insurance contract: governing laws, agent, standard provisions/clauses
  • Health Insurance: Individual versus group coverage, providers, medical benefits, disability benefits, critical Illness insurance
  • Property & Casualty Insurance: General insurance, ratemaking, automobile, homeowner, regulatory environment, reinsurance
  • Pension and Benefit Plans: Retirement income: employer and government pension plans, compensation arrangements Employee benefits: worker’s compensation, employment insurance
  • Social Insurance: Principles of social insurance, old-age insurance, health care, welfare plans
  • Financial Planning: Mortgages, loans, wealth management, role of insurance in personal financial planning
  • Other


  • Assignments 20%
  • Midterm 30%
  • Final Exam 50%


All above grading is subject to change



  • Life Insurance by K. Black and H. Skipper, Prentice-Hall
  • Morneau Shepell Handbook of Canadian Pension and Benefit Plans by Morneau Shepell.
  • Group Insurance by W.F. Bluhm, ACTEX Publications       
  • Insurance Operations Edited by Susan Kearney, The Institutes       
  • Survey of Personal Insurance and Financial Planning, Edited by Mary Ann Cook, The Institutes       
  • Survey of Commercial Insurance, Edited by Arthur Flitner, The Institutes

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