Fall 2023 - GEOG 162 OL01

Canada (3)

Class Number: 3615

Delivery Method: Online


  • Course Times + Location:

    Location: TBA

  • Exam Times + Location:

    Dec 6, 2023
    Wed, 3:30–6:30 p.m.

  • Instructor:

    Nadine Schuurman
    1 778 782-3320
    Office Hours: Monday 9 to 10 am



The geographical character of Canada; the Canadian environment; regional differences in socio-economic growth. Breadth-Social Sciences.


Canada is a vast geographical expanse, a nation state, a mosaic of First Nations, a patchwork of ecosystems and climatic zones and a concept that is understood differently depending on who and where you are. Space and geography are critical components in the formation of present day Canada. Every element of First Nations settlement, subsequent colonization and patterns of labour and resistance are influenced by the physical and human geography of this territory. In this course, we will begin to understand how this country called Canada was created and where we might be going as a nation.

Course delivery in Fall 2023

Lectures (asynchronous): Recordings of lectures (voice with PowerPoint) will be available each week. In addition, videos, books, poems and songs will be featured to accompany each lecture.

Office Hours: Your instructor will hold and Open Mic office hour each week at a set time on Zoom. Other meeting times are available by appointment.


Learning Goal How Goal Is Assessed
Develop the ability to apply the concepts of unsettling, resistance, resilience and mapping to Canada Create a video or slideshow narrative describing a geographical region, characteristic or events using the unsettling, resilience, resistance and mapping framework

Identify and describe major human geography changes in Canada over the past 30,000 years

Midterm, Exam
Characterize geographical regions of Canada now and in the past

Midterm, Exam

Class Engagement Activities: 

  • Be able to identify distinguishing historical, socio-economic, and physical characteristics of Canada’s regions;
  • Interpret and utilize maps to locate places, economic activity, urban areas, and geographic features of Canadian regions;
Review books, articles, videos songs and poems related to Canada’s geography
Critically reflect on role of colonialism in the geography of Canada, and critically evaluate narratives of Canada’s nation-building Short written research assignments throughout
Develop effective referencing skills to communicate research and argumentation. Short written research assignments and video/slideshow creation


  • Land acknowledgement -due September 22 5%
  • The Indian Act & You - due October 6 10%
  • Mid-term film review - due October 20 15%
  • Video/interview/podcast - due December 8 10%
  • Research assignment proposal - October 27 5%
  • Research assignment - November 24 20%
  • Final exam - Remote Synchronous 35%



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