Media Training Workshop

Upcoming sessions:

  • November 7 and November 14, 2013
    9 a.m.-12 p.m.
    Burnaby Campus, Halpern Centre, 114
    Facilitated by Dixon Tam

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Audience: SFU faculty and senior administrators
This course is only available to the SFU community.

Increasingly, the media look to the academic community to contextualize and interpret world events. Every year, SFU's Public Affairs and Media Relations department receives thousands of calls from journalists seeking expert commentary.

These sessions, facilitated by former journalists and public relations professionals, aim to help faculty and senior administrators communicate more effectively with the media. Learn why it is to your advantage to return media calls; how you can avoid being misquoted; why you should stop by the mythical 'Joe's Bar' before an interview; why you should blog and tweet; and why you should never, ever go 'off the record.' As a skilled spokesperson, you'll build your profile as you help build SFU's reputation.


  • Julie Ovenell-Carter, Assistant Director, Public Affairs & Media Relations
  • Dixon Tam, Information Officer, Public Affairs & Media Relations
  • Scott McLean, Acting Director, Public Affairs and Media Relations

*Note: This course is taught over two sessions. The first session covers theory; the second offers on-camera practice. This workshop fills quickly, so please register early.

Registration: online
Registration fee: $75
Payable by cash, cheque (payable to Simon Fraser University) or departmental journal voucher

*Cancellation Policy:
If you are unable to participate, a substitute is welcome to fill your spot.
If you fail to provide a replacement, full payment is required.

What previous participants have said:

"I really enjoyed the session. I have attended hundreds of courses over my career and have to say that few have been as useful, interesting or productive."

"Perhaps the most valuable workshop I've been to since being an employee of this university."

"Outstanding and illuminating."

"It is one of the best pro-d activities that I have participated in."

"This is a great workshop that should be mandatory for new faculty."

"A very accessible and fun instructor."

"Brilliant and incredibly engaging."

"Every faculty [member] should take this workshop, especially young, new professors."

"Extremely informative and a lot of fun. I've been spreading the word to my colleagues about how great it was."

"An energized, focused and very insightful session."

"A masterful introduction to the demands of print, audio and visual media, and how professional practitioners can interact with reporters in these media to maximize the benefit to themselves and their employers."