Machines Endowed with Creative Behavior
IAT-8xx, since Spring 2008

School of Interactice Art
and Technology

  Instructor: Philippe Pasquier
Aka Computational Creativity

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Welcome to IAT-888 (temporary numbering) Web page. This course is devoted to the study of the theory and practice of metacreation, that is the design of generative and pro-active computer softwares endowed with creative behaviour. Tools and techniques from artificial intelligence, artificial life and machine learning will be introduced and exemplified through the study of previous artistic/fdesign works using them. The course will be organized so that making a project by exploring metacreation in your area of research becomes the primary focus. The interweaving of related theoretical and practical issues will help you situate your work within a larger perspective on art, science and technology.

This (admittedly minimal) site is structured as follow:
- The content page provides access to the course material.
- The project page briefly presents 2008 and 2009 students projects.
- The link page (in construction) lists some of the relevant web links.

Finally, here is the syllabus of the course for spring 2009. (PDF, 28Ko)



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