Philippe Pasquier - Assistant Professor, SIAT, Simon Fraser University

Since January 2008, I am an assistant professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology of Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Communication, Arts and Technology. There, I am conducting both a scientific and artistic research agenda (which sometimes overlap).

My scientific research interests are (in decreasing order of generality):

  1. Cognitives sciences;
  2. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, artificial life;
  3. Agents and multi-agent systems;
  4. Agent communication and dialogue modeling (including automated negotiation and argumentation);
  5. Cognitive aspects of agent interactions pragmatics (the use of language in context).

I am also involved in contemporary artistic creation (visit the Artistic Works & Publications for more on that matter). In particular, this work involves fields like:

  1. Metacreation: the development of machines endowed with creative behavior;
  2. Computer music and improvised music;
  3. Audio art and media arts;
  4. Performance and technology.



October 2009
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