2007-08 sasquatch held in the basket of memory

Elder Relative: Sasquatch Held in the Basket of Memory

the politics of hopelessness is a political tool eroding belief in mystery, possibility - the ‘what if’ that races in and out in life; it creates a crippled populace who no longer care to grow food, protect Land, care deeply and passionately for all living beings, to vote, recycle, to sacrifice for the common good, to sew a wedding dress or coach baseball.

understanding Possibility, living peacefully within mystery, knowing that there are real, living things - ideas, places, Beings - which mainstream folks reject and perhaps denigrate, is to have hope in the wild. do you remember, traveling into the honest tress, not knowing what you might see?, a deer, a spider, a rainbow?

having an active creative life, knowing or thinking you may know what is not known by a majority population, seeing your relatives in the Wild, feeling free and safe in wilderness, thinking your life has meaning, believing in Love, transformative power, the affect of work, all come from Hope.

twenty-one painted plywood panels, carved in shallow relief as printing blocks, several hundred small one-color prints on recycled previously printed papers, and a signature appliqué blanket piece each illustrate an encounter someone i personally know had with Sasquatch.