Julia Meyers (PhD candidate)

My research interests include modern human phenotypic plasticity and adaptation, childhood growth and development, and the effects of early life stress on bone growth. See my profile on ResearchGate

Katherine Nichols (PhD candidate, Individualized Interdisciplinary Studies)

My research interests focus on forensic search and recovery methods. For my doctoral research, I am investigating unmarked graves at the Brandon Indian Residential School in Manitoba in collaboration with Indigenous communities. I am a Graduate Fellow in SFU's Community-Engaged Research Initiative Program. See my profile on ResearchGate.

Marianna Cervantes (PhD candidate and FROST Lab manager)

My broad interest is in methods for use in recovery, analysis and identification of human skeletal remains, particularly in a forensic context. I also have an interest in questions surrounding taphonomy, variation, trauma analysis, and pathological conditions in adult and juvenile skeletal remains. See my profile on ResearchGate.

Elena Sierra (PhD candidate)

I am broadly interested in methods used for the analysis and identification of human skeletal remains. Particularly, how can these techniques be more inclusive of natural human variation so they become more robust during forensic investigations. See my profile on ResearchGate.

Deanna Smith (MA candidate)

My research interests are in juvenile age estimation methods. I also have an interest in how archaeology plays a role in human rights violations investigations. My research explores how often, in what circumstances, and what age estimation methods are used and the limitations in their application when investigating child deaths in human rights abuse situations. See my profile on ResearchGate.

Carmen Kors (MA candidate)

My project will be examining the lived child experiences during the social and economic transition from the Islamic to Late Medieval Christian Period in the Algarve, Portugal.

Cathy Tran (MA candidate)

My research interests are in the analysis of human skeletal remains and ancient DNA in forensic and humanitarian contexts. My current research will explore the potential of non-invasive ancient DNA and forensic anthropology methods to identify buried individuals for humanitarian purposes.

Nicola Murray (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

My research interests lie in the intersection of biological anthropology, computer science, 3D scanning and other technologies.




Rory Doucette (BA Archaeology Hons - 2022)

I completed my honours thesis project on accuracy and validity of a juvenile sex estimation method that utilizes morphological and metric assessments of the auricular surface of the ilium. My research interests include sex, age, and ancestry estimation techniques. I am also broadly interested in taphonomy and pathology, as well as bio-archaeology.


Chantelle Foster (BA Archaeology - 2021)

I completed my undergraduate co-op research project on "Live Scan Detection of Masked Fingerprints". I am currently a Forensic Identification Assistant with the RCMP Integrated Forensic Identification Services, as well as trained with the Forensic Search and Evidence Recovery Team (FSERT)


Deanna Smith (BA Archaeology Hons - 2020)

I completed my undergraduate honours thesis focusing on "Age estimation of immature human skeletal remains from mandibular and cranial bone dimensions in the postnatal period". After completion of my MA dissertion I continued to be graduate a student in the Department of Archaeology once I was accepted in the MA program in 2020. 

Laure Spake (PhD Archaeology - 2020)

My research interests revolve around untangling the factors responsible for variation in childhood growth and development. I completed my PhD thesis entitled "Using anthropometrics and dental formation stages of contemporary children to investigate the impact of biological mortality bias on interpretations of past population health", and also completed my MA at SFU.

Derek O'Neill (Heritage Resource Management MA - 2020)

I am the Principal Archaeologist for Sirius Archaeology Solutions located on the south coast of BC. I have practiced as a full-time professional archaeologist across BC and participated in numerous forensic investigations across the globe. I completed my MA thesis entitled "Where are the children? An experimental archaeology study concerning the role of practitioner bias in the recovery of juvenile skeletal remains"

Luisa Marinho (PhD Archaeology - 2020)

My research interests lie generally in the areas of human bone biology and biomechanics, and more specifically in the study of bone response to injury. I completed my PhD thesis entitled "The relationship between fracture morphology and bone biomechanics : A study of changes occurring in juvenile porcine ribs over the early postmortem interval".

Madeleine Lamer (BA Archaeology Hons - 2018)

My research interests include juvenile growth and development, as well as metabolic bone diseases. I completed my undergraduate honours thesis focusing on "Testing Methods for Juvenile Sex Estimation Using Long Bone Metaphysis and Diaphysis Measurements". This research is important in both forensic and archaeological contexts, as there are currently no accepted and reliable methods for juvenile sex estimation.

Greer Vanderbyl (BA Archaeology Hons - 2017)

I completed my undergraduate honours thesis focusing on "Structural violence, and the composition of cemetery-based skeletal reference collections: Implications for the study of social inequality and bioarchaeological interpretations of cemetery samples". I'm originally from Whitehorse, Yukon, and plan on pursuing graduate degrees in physical and forensic anthropology with the goal of eventually returning to work and live in northern Canada.

Jennifer Halliday (BA Archaeology Hons - 2016)

I completed my undergraduate honours thesis focusing on "Assessing Age Related Changes in the Strength of Relationship for Dental, Skeletal, and Chronological Age using Bivariate Correlations". I am currently a MA student in criminology at the University of Windsor focusing on exploring the effects of trauma on juvenile skeletons. My primary interests are skeletal pathology, forensic anthropology, genocide and human rights abuses.

Laure Spake (MA Archaeology - 2016)

I completed my MA thesis focusing on "Selecting an appropriate reference sample for juvenile age estimation methods in a forensic context". After completion of my MA dissertion I continued to be graduate a student in the Department of Archaeology once I was accepted in the PhD program in 2016.  

John Vandergugten (BA Archaeology Hons - 2015)

I completed my undergraduate honours thesis focusing on "Long Bone Metaphyseal and Epiphyseal Growth for Age Estimation in Immature Human Skeletal Remains Using Historic Burial Collections from Portugal and England". Now at the University of Toronto for a MSc, I focus on early modern human adaptation to environments in southern Africa throughout climatic change. My research interests center on clarifying relationships between humans, animals, and environments.

Madeline McCuaig (BA Archaeology Hons - 2015)

I completed my undergraduate honours thesis focusing on "Cranial Growth as an Indicator of Age in Juvenile Skeletal Remains"

Lisa Simon (MA Archaeology - 2015)

I completed my MA thesis focusing on "Testing Gerasimov’s Two-Tangent Nose Projection Prediction Method in Facial Approximations of Children". I currently work as the program assistant to the Deputy Chief Coroner of BC, and my current interests include forensic art, decomposition in extreme environments, and the effect of drug abuse and disease on the human skeleton.

Paige Tuttosi (BA Archaeology Hons - 2014)

I completed my undergraduate honours thesis focusing on "An Assessment of Sexual Dimorphism and Sex Estimation using Cervical Dental Measurements in a Northwest Coast population"