Literary Awards



  • Wholeness (Finalist of the 11th Annual Poetry contest, Hope Writers Guild, 2000)
  • Life Tides (Finalist of the Millenium 2000 Poetry contest, sponsored by the Burnaby Writer's Society, with the theme "Beginnings", 2000)

Original Songs:
Quiero (Tango) Music: Rob Turner, with arrangements by Budge Schachte  (yes, this is the cousin of our very own LP'er Peter Schachte- the world is so small!). Lyrics: Veronica Dahl. Violin: Antonio Bernal. Bandoneon: Douglas Schmidt. Bass: Les Kasprzak. Guitar: Budge Schachte. Vocals: Veronica Dahl.
Sueño Despierta (Salsa) Sueño Despierta sueño despierta band.wav Music and Lyrics: Veronica Dahl, with arrangements by Hugo Guzman. Guitar: Hugo Guzman and William Benavidez. Percussion: Rolo Preza and Laurine Harrison. Bass:  Vocals: Veronica Dahl.

Performance Demo 

In Concert at El Cocal, Vancouver, 2000

  • With the Latin American Group
    Vientos del Sur (guitar and vocals: William Benavidez and Veronica Dahl; percussion: Miguel Benavidez; bass: Russell Sholberg). 
  • SOLIS Latin American group: 1996 Photo (guitar, composition and vocals: Andre Levesque and Veronica Dahl; Percussion: Eduardo Meneses; Flute: Rob Favrin).

Poetry in Motion:

  • Solo dance to "Oblivion" by Astor Piazzola, within the theatre play "The Moon and the Other Side of the Honeymoon", by Gerardo Avila and Veronica Dahl, directed by Michael Fera. Performed at Gibson's; Carnegie Hall in Vancouver, Itzlahuaca, Mexico;Torino, Italy; and at Galiano Island.
  • Photos of the play at the Galiano Island performance, Oct. 2012. 

Original Composition: Sueño Despierta

West Coast Swing Competition Video, Jay and Veronica, 2019




* sueño despierta band.wav
Sueño Despierta