My love for science has been nourished, sustained and balanced with artistic activities in which I have been less successful (understatement :-)), but which I have pursued with great passion and pleasure. It is accurate to say that without them, many parts of me would have died, my imagination would have shrunk, and I would have never been able to achieve in science what little or much I did achieve. It is my life's permanent counterpoint between sciences and the arts that -very arguably- kept me alive, and in any case, allowed me the relative sanity, in a world of permanent turmoil, to keep producing scientifically while stubbornly trying to make the world a more welcoming place for the marginalized, like women. With no pretension of excellence, I unashamedly share my amateur incursions in various artistic pursuits, to honour the fact that much of who I am today is owed to them.

Literary Awards


  • Winner of the First Prize in the Prose Category, Cecilia Lamont Literary Contest, 2000, for the short story A Case of Possession.
  • Winner of the First Prize, Crime55 literary contest, 2000, for the micro-story Detour.
  • Winner of the First Prize in the Prose Category, Cecilia Lamont Literary Contest, 1999, for the short story Love to hide, love to invent.
  • Finalist, Literary Contest for Latin America, Harper & Row Publishers, 1967, for the story in Spanish El Tiempo.


  • Wholeness (Finalist of the 11th Annual Poetry contest, Hope Writers Guild, 2000)
  • Life Tides (Finalist of the Millenium 2000 Poetry contest, sponsored by the Burnaby Writer's Society, with the theme "Beginnings", 2000)

Musical Performing and Composing:

  • Quiero (Tango), Music: Rob Turner, with arrangements by Budge Schachte  (yes, this is the cousin of our very own LP'er Peter Schachte- the world is so small!). Lyrics: Veronica Dahl. Violin: Antonio Bernal. Bandoneon: Douglas Schmidt. Bass: Les Kasprzak. Guitar: Budge Schachte. Vocals: Veronica Dahl.
  • Sueño Despierta (Salsa), Music and Lyrics: Veronica Dahl, with arrangements by Hugo Guzman. Guitar: Hugo Guzman and William Benavidez. Percussion: Rolo Preza and Laurine Harrison. Bass:  Vocals: Veronica Dahl. (sueño despierta band.wav)
  • CAFÉ OLÉ, Rodrigombia Porteña, Gabriel Cuellar (keyboard) and Verónica Dahl (guitarist, vocalist, composer), Flyer for Cincómonos, Barcelona, 2011 (Cafe Ole.docx)
  • West Coast Bossa performing Braziian music at Boteco, Vancouver, 2017. With Fabricio Tocco-Chiodini, Max Sample, (who later became my son in law :-)), Martin Nemkovsky and Patricio Robles
  • Veronica Porteña Trio, Argentine music at Casa Nova, North Vancouver. With partners Rolo Preza and Martin Nemkovsky.
  • My first Vancouver Latin American group, performing at La Quena, Vancouver, in 1985 (with Rene, Isabel Carbalho and Carlos Galindo)
  • SOLIS Latin American group, 1996 Photo (guitar, composition and vocals: Andre Levesque and Veronica Dahl; Percussion: Eduardo Meneses; Flute: Rob Favrin).
about to play2Taken during a performance at La Quena, Vancouver, circa 1995
joking2Jokingly bullying my colleagues André and Rob on stage (how unprofessional! :-))
  • Clementina (first version), Music and Lyrics: Veronica Dahl
Clementina-Song by Dahl_small
  • Clementina, This song, whose first version was composed in a hurry in 2015, on the day it was needed, was completed and professionally recorded in 2021: Click here to hear it in English, and here in French. Music,  Lyrics, Vocals: Verónica Dahl, Arrangements and Production: Nancy Ruth, Guitars/ chorus: José Marín Rodríguez, Bass/ Percussion: Juan Soto, Sax: Manuel Olmo, Chorus: Nancy Ruth, Mixed by Juan Soto, A Salerosa Music Production (Malaga), Voice recorded in Demitone Studios (Vancouver) (Clementina.pdf)
  • Imagine Solidarity, Music and Lyrics: Veronica Dahl, Piano: Nancy Ruth, Bass: Juan Soto. (Imagine Solidarity.pdf)

Performance Demo

  • Vientos del Sur, Latin American music at El Cocal, Vancouver, 2000
    (guitar and vocals: William Benavidez and Veronica Dahl; percussion: Miguel Benavidez; bass: Russell Sholberg).

Poetry in Motion:

  • Solo dance to "Oblivion" by Astor Piazzola, within the theatre play "The Moon and the Other Side of the Honeymoon", by Gerardo Avila and Veronica Dahl, directed by Michael Fera. Performed at Gibson's; Carnegie Hall in Vancouver, Itzlahuaca, Mexico;Torino, Italy; and at Galiano Island.


  • LO SPETTACOLO DELLA LUNA, Storie D’Amore e Disperazione con Gerardo Avila y Verónica Dahl (programa torino.doc)