San Francisco Photos 13

2F 2F Birdcage2

Wiley Signals aka Birdcage Signals. AFAIK, installed only in S.F.

2F ETI 5457on 17th St. running as a 14 Mission. It is not known why this trolley is heading eastbound on 17th St, which is off-route for a #14. JN 2004. Photo by Matt Lee.

2F Flyer E800 on the #9 to 25th St. tripper. Photo by Matt Lee. AU 2004.

8 market The rollsign on an ETI displaying 8 Market Castro. Some trolleys have F Market on their rollsigns. Photo by Matt Lee. AU 2004.

SL 879 St. Louis 879 sandwiched between two other St. Louis'. Photo by Peter Ehrlich. 22 JL 70.

SL 879 ETI 5496 turnng onto Pierce St. from McAllister St. in EPU mode due to fire down the street. Photo by Robert Parks. 2004.

7106 Articticulated ETI 7106 turning from Sutter St. onto Stockton St. Photo taken from Bush St. on top of the Stockton Tunne. Photo by R. C. DeArmond. 17 OC 2004.

1015 PCC 1015 in Illinois Terminal colours on Ingleside St. with an unidentified (7X10) NewFlyer articulated trolley in the background. Photographer unknown. 2004.

1015 Compex wiring of etb and pantograph overhead at Church and Duboce Sts. Rte 22 uses the etb overhead, route N uses straight through pantrograph wire and route J uses the turning wires. 2004.

1015 St. Louis 879 and a couple of other St. Louis at Potrero Garage. 27 JL 1970.

E700s The two Flyer E700s and E800 on death row brightly painted up.

7102 ETI 7102 on route 31 heading to the Ferries terminal. Following are two rigid ETIs, one on routes 7 and 21. To the right of 7102 is another ETI on route 6. I had just boarded 7201 after visiting Matt Lee on my recent visit to San Francisco. Photo by Matt Lee. 17 OC 04.

5307-5057 Flyer E800 5307 passes Flyer E800 5057 on St. near 9th Ave. Rout 6 is currently the only line to which only Flyers are assigned daily. Photo by R. C. DeArmond. 16 OC 2004.

7130 ETI 7130 is following a rigid ETI northbound on Stockton St. just past Sacramento through a maze of wires on Route 30. Photo by R. C. DeArmond. 17 OC 2004.

7130top The top of ETI 7130 northbound on Stockton St. at Sacramento. Note that all the roof-top stuff is on the trailing unit. Photo by R. C. DeArmond. 17 OC 2004.

our ETIs on Stockton St. 7128 is the artic on the right on route 30. 5667 is the rigid trolley on the left, on route 45. 5667 and its follower are heading northbound. Sutter is the cross street in the background. The two northbound ETIs have just turned from Sutter St. . Photo by R. C. DeArmond. 17 OC 2004.

597 Twin Coach 597 sitting at the 4th and Townsend terminal of route 30. Photo by . JN 1968.


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