San Francisco Photos 18

6 OC 1935 to 1944 (Market St. Railway)

7 SE 1941 to Present (Muni)

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SF-eti-cover ETI 5626 (to be) arriving in SF from the east to its final assembly. Photo by Peter Ehrlich. 2 JL 03.

SF-5287 NF E800 5287 enterring Mission St. from Ocean St. on route 49. Photo by Peter Ehrlich. 1 JL 03.

SF-J Ironmonster car 1 on the J line at 20th St. Photo by Peter Ehrlich. 21 AU 82.

SF-T4 1461 followed by work car 6206 on the first day of testing. Meanwhile a diseasel bus is trying to worm its way through. Photo by Peter Ehrlich. 24 AP 05.

SF-T5 1461 at Mariposa Station at Terry Francois Blvd. Photo by Peter Ehrlich. 24 AP 05.

SF-7103 ETI 7103 operating as a training coach. Note the two small lights high on the corner of the trolley. This unique to the artics. ETI 5401 and 5402 have them as well. Photographer Matt Lee. 29 SE 05.

SF-7101 ETI 7101 at the terminus of 31 Balboa. Photographer Matt Lee.

SF-5057 Flyer E800 5057 on route 7 on Market at Polk Sts. It is unusual for a Flyer to be on a route other than 6 or 41 nowadays. Photo by Matt Lee. 18 MY 2006.

SF-5265 Another Flyer on route 7 — 5265 at Page and Franklin Sts. Photo by Matt Lee. 18 MY 2006.

SF-482 Ironmonster 482 at the end of the K line at Onandaga and Mission Sts. Originally, The Market St. Railroad's route 12 ran out Mission to Onanadaga, then Onanadaga to Ocean, following Ocean to Sloat Blvd to the zoo. Muni dumped the 12 and extended the K from Brighton and Ocean to Mission. Every other K car ran to the Mission terminus, the others to the original terminus at Brighton and Grafton Sts. In 1952 the K was shortened to Philan Loop and Muni's new 12 Ocean trolley line, which ran from the Embarcadero out MIssion to Ocean to Phelan Loop, went into service. Photo could have been by John Stern. 1949.

S-7106 ETI 7106 on route 49 southbound on S. Van Ness at Market St. passing 8401, a, gasp!, hybrid being shown to the public. Photo by Matt Lee. 30 MY 2006.

SF-HS-1 GM "trolley" going down California St. The GM was actually a diseasel bus outfitted for trolley poles and collectors. It was featured in the Movie Heart and Soul. It did not have an electric motor and the poles never made contact with any overhead in the film. In another shot not included here, the trolley was seen going up Van Ness with poles flailing around. In one scene the trolley is out of control and goes over the end of Stockton above the tunnel and crashes. In that scene, a mock up was used. In these and later scenes sparks are scene including one where the trolley is going through a field with no overhead. Photo captured in 2005.

SF-HS-2 Here the GM is turning onto an unidentified street, possibly Stockton St. Photo captured in 2005.


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