San Francisco Photos 3

California, USA

6 OC 1935 to 1944 (Market St. Railway)

7 SE 1941 to Present (Muni)


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5236 Flyer 5236 turning from Union St. to Fillmore St. northbound. Photo by Ken Josephson. November 1991.

TC.oerm Muni's Twin and friends at OERM. Photo by Ken Josephson. April 1999.

814 Muni's TC 814 at OERM. Photo by Ken Josephson. April 1999.


SF-5594 ETI 5594 turning at Greenwich and Lyon Sts. at the end of route 45. Photo by Matt Lee. 29 OC 2008.

SF-Nut Unidentified cable car at the Market and Powell turntable and an unidentified PCC. Featured is Nut Island. Photographer and date unknown.

SF-111 Iron Monster 111 on the B Geary line outbound on Geary at 18th Ave. Photographer unknown. Early50s to 1956.

SF-1034 Marmon Herringotn 559 (?) on an undetermined route and PCC 1034 on the J Church both outbound on Market St. at 8th St. Photographer unknown. Date unknown.

SF-865-875 St. Louies 865 and 875 plus PCC 2399 of unknown origin at a yard in Mexico City The St. Louies never entered revenue service They were used for parts only. Photographer unknown. 1980.

SF-699 Marmon Herrington 699 outbound ob Market St. at Powell St. Photo by Bill Paller, copyright. DEC 1973. From the collection of Cameron Beach. to Sutter St. and then to its terminal. Photographer unknown. 1948.

SF-471 Car 111 on Market St. at Main St. on route 2 going towards Sutter St. where it will turn west outbound to its western terminal. Photographer and date unknown.

SF-883 The interior seating arrange of 883. Note the "zigzag" arrangement of the seats. This was to facilitate the window passenger when preparing to get up and get off the trolley. There is some debate whether this was effective or not. It never became standard on buses in N. America. Photographer unknown. 1965. From the collection of Cameron Beach.

SF-marmons-1951 Two brand new (or nearly so) Marmon Herringtons 819 and 831 lined up on 3rd St. across from the old SP railroad depot. Trolleys on route 30 had recently replaced the streetcars on the F line. Photographer unknown. 1951. From the collection of Joe Lacey.


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