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 30 AU 1936 - 23 OC 1958


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mac Unidentified Mack on the St. Johns route in downtown Portland.

Brill car 506 on display at Council Crest Park.

Both photos by Don Galt, circa 1951.

Mack318 Mack 318 on the Eastmoreland route. Photographer unknown. Source: a General Electric booklet promoting trolley coaches. Submitted by Ken Josephson and by Wally Young. Date unknwon. .

K400 Kenworth E2 400. Photographer unknown. Froomthe files of Peter Ehrlich. I suspect that this photo could have been taken at the Madrona Loop in Seattle. I cannot recall a loop like this in Portland. The trolleys were built in Seattle, and I know for certain that one was tested in Seattle before they were sent to Portland. Given that the number of this one is 400, it stands to reason that 400 was the one tested in Seattle. Does anyone have any further information on this? Resubmitted by Charlie Davis.

M162 1936 Mack CR3S 162 on the Foster route in downtown Portland. Judging from the automobiles in the picture, this picture was probably taken between 1936 and about 1938. This Mack was purchased in 1936. Photographer unknown. Submitted by Wally Young. Date unknwon.

P-135 1936 Mack CR3S 135 on the Eastmoreland route. Photographer unknown. Courtesy of the Scalzo collection. From the collection of Wally Young. Date unknown.

P-Macks Line up of ten brand new Macks for a publicity shot. Photographer unknown. From the collection of Wally Young. 1936.

P-133 1936 Mack CR3S 133 turning from SW 4th Ave. to SW. Clay St. Photographer unknown. From the collection of Wally Young. 1936

P-137 1936 Mack CR3S 137 at the Division St. Loop at 80th Ave. SE. Photographer unknown. 1939. From the collection of Ken Josephson, which was acquired from the collection of John Bromley.


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