Prešov Trolley Photos


13 MAY 1962 — Operating



P-121 Škoda Tr 14 #121 near the cathedral Svätého Mikuláša. These trolleys might be replaced by 20 new lowfloor trolleys, 5 of which will be articulated), due to be ordered next month. Photo by Jürgen Lehmann. 19 APR 2004.

P-95 1991 Škoda #95 in the same location as above in Prešov. This trolley is retired. 16 of its sister trolleys are currently in service (MAR 2011). They are to be replaced by the new trolleys mentioned above: B18 SOR/Škoda Electric. Photo by Jürgen Lehmann. 19 APR 2004. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

P-31tr Upper photo: new SOR/Škoda 31Tr being tested. Lower photo: the new trolley on a flat car being delivered to Prešov. 5 articulated SORs and 15 single axel SORs have been ordred. Photo by Zdeněk Kresa. 2 SEP 2011. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion


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