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28 APR 1940 — Operating

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AMG #925 turns north from McGraw Street to begin the long descent of Third Avenue W. toward Seattle Pacific University at the foot of Queen Anne Hill. Photo by Don Galt. Date unknown.

MAN #4004 signed "7-Prentice Street" crosses Boren Avenue, descending Pine Street at Convention Place Station. In the distance is a duobus about to enter service in the tunnel. Photo by Don Galt. AMG #916, signed "10-Interlaken Park via Downtown Seattle," passes Group Health Hospital southbound on 15th Avenue. Route 43, coming from John Street on the left, joins route 10 for about 50 metres before turning right this side of the brick building. Photo by Don Galt. Date unknown.

City-bound AMG #965 crests the 24th Avenue hill, southbound at 23d Avenue and Helen Street on route 43. Lake Washington in the distance. Photo by Don Galt.

Breda duobus #5153 rolls out of the tunnel and into International District station en route to Renton on route 106. Photo by Don Galt. Date unknown.

The original Seattle Transit livery is approximated in this postcard of two Twin Coaches westbound on Union Street at 4th Avenue, with rails still in the street - though with trolley wires miraculously invisible! The bus behind #802 would most likely be serving route 11 Madison.

The view was probably shot between the opening of the Montlake line on 2 May 1940, and 8 Sept 1940, after which date 802 would have been signed "East Queen Anne". Or rather, not 802: Route 4 became the territory of the 700-series Brills, delivered in August of 1940. From the collection of Don Galt.

S-97 AMG 997 heading south on 3rd Ave. on route 70 in downtown Seattle. Photo by Zack Wilhoite. 11 NO 98.

4032 Draw MAN 4032 leaving the Montlake Drawbridge. 1998. Photo by Don Galt. Date unknown.

4031 Draw MAN 4021 southbound on the Montlake Drawbridge. 1998. Photo by Don Galt. Date unknown.

University Draw The trolleywire attachment to the drawbridge. 1998. Photo by Don Galt.

Seattle Draw The Montlake drawbridge is open. The tower houses the person who opens and closes the bridge. Note the slack trolleywires. Photo by Don Galt.1998.

University Draw Open The slack wires while the Montlake bridge is open. Photo by Don Galt. 1998.

S-trans-2010 From the upper left corner going clockwise: An old Seattle streetcar on route 6. Neither branch of this route was converted to trolleys -- ridership didn't warrant it. Brill 798 on a fan trip. Gillig 4167 en route to the Othello stastion terminus of route 36. AMG 1008 on route 3 to North Queen Anne. Electric Trolleys in Seattle. Courtesy of Seattle public records. 16 JUN 2010.

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