Bibliography of the Electric Trolleybus

Books and videos devoted to the electric trolleybus

or which contain articles on it

[Note: many of these books are now out of print. Select libraries may have copies of them.]


A History of Bradford Trolley Buses, 1911-1960 . (1960). 32pp. Harold Brearley. Lingfield, Surrey: Oakwood Press.

A Milwaukee Transport Era: The Trackless Trolley Years. (1980). Russell E. Schultz. Interurbans (Special 74), Glendale, CA.

All Aboard. About Cardiff. Published by the Cardiff City Transport Services Ltd.

Australian Trolleybuses. David Jones. Wellington: City Tramway Publications.

Bournemouth Trolleybuses.. (1998). Malcolm N. Pearce. Hastings Trolleybuses. Terry Russell.

Bradford's Favourite Transport, VHS Video On-line. 90 min.

British Trolleybuses, 1911-72. Geoff Lumb. Ian Allen.

Buses, Trolleys & Trams. (). Charles Dunbar.

The Cardiff Trolleybus.. (1969). 84pp. D.G. Bowen & J. Callow. Guildford, Surrey: National Trolleybus Association.

Chicago Surface Lines: An Illustrated History. (1974). Alan R. Lind. Transport History Press.

Cleveland's Transit Vehicles. (1996) by James A. Toman and Blaine S. Hays. Kent State University Press, Kent, Ohio.

Croydon's Trolleybuses. (1996). (Trolleybus Classics No.2). [No pagination, ca. 96pp] Terry Russell. Midhurst, W. Sussex: Middleton Press.

Destination Paradise: A Pictorial Review of Adelaide Trams and Trolleybuses.. (1968). 39pp. R.T. Wheaton / J. Richardson. Canberra: Traction Publications.

Detroit,s Street Railways, V.2: 1922-1956. (CERA Bulletin 120, 1980). Jack E. Schramm, William H. Henning & Thomas J. Dworman. Chicago IL: Central Electri Railfans, Association.

Die Day in L.A.. [The end of electric transit in Los Angeles] (Interurbans Special 35, 1964). Ira J. Swett. Los Angeles CA: Interurbans Press.

Edmonton's Electric Transit: the Story of Edmonton's Streetcars and Trolley Buses. (1983). Colin K. Hatcher and Tom Schwarzkopf. Toronto: a Railfare Book.

Empire of the Trolleybus: Vol 1 -- Russia. By Sergei Tarkhov. London: Rapid Transit Publications.

Swift, Stong, Silent - 60 Years of Electric Trolleybus Service in Edmonton.
(1999) 60 pp. Kevin Brown. Edmonton Transit System.

Elektrsche Traktion am rechten Thunerseeufer - Sandro Sigrist. (1977). Prellbock Verlag. 3706 Leissigen (?Switzerland).

Fifty Years of Progressive Transit: A History of the Toronto Transit Commission (1973). John F. Bromley & Jack May. New York NY: Electric Railroaders, Association. [nothing else, but it DOES have a TB roster]

History of the British Trolleybus. (1974). By Nicholas Owen, 188 pg. illus. David & Charles

Horse Trails to Regional Rails: The Story of Public Transit in Greater Cleveland. (1996) by James A. Toman and Blaine S. Hays. Kent State University Press, Kent, Ohio

Inside Muni: The Properties and Operations of the Municipal Railway of San Francisco. (Interurbans Special 79, 1982). John McKane & Anthony Perles. Glendale CA: Interurbans Press.

Johannesburg Tramways. (1976). 137pp. Tony Spit & Brian Patton. London: Light Railway Transport League.

London Trolleybus Routes. (19--). Capital Transport. [38 Long Elms, Harrow Weald, Middlesex, ENGLAND at £18.95 [Pounds Sterling]. The ISBN number is 185414 155 4. It is currently available.]

Mile High Trolleys. (1975). Pruett Publishing Co. [Denver streetcars and trolleybuses].

NESA 2. The trolleybuses of suburb an north København (Copenhagen). (Available from Rapid Transit Publications).

Old Trolleybuses. David Kaye. (1997?). Shire Publications. (Available on

Reading Trolleybuses. David Hall. Woolwich & Dartford Trolleybuses. Robert J. Harley.

Scintille Tra i Fiori, by Paolo Gregoris and Claudio Serra. Editore Calosci. History of the San Remo system.

Seattle Trolley Coaches. (Interurbans Special 54, 1970). Harre W. Demoro. Glendale CA: Interurbans Press.

Straßen- und Überlandbahnen von Bern und Thun (Archiv Nr. 5, 1969). [no pagination: ca. 208pp] Claude Jeanmaire. Basel: Verlag für Eisenbahn. [contains pictures and roster of Bern trolleybuses to that date; pictures of Thun trolleybus]

Street Railways of Birmingham, [AL]. (1976). Alvin W. Hudson & Harold E. Cox. Forty Fort PA: Harold E. Cox.

The People's Railway: The History of the Municipal Railway of San Francisco (Interurbans Special 69, 1981). Anthony Perles with John McKane, Tom Matoff & Peter Straus. Glendale CA: Interurbans Press.

The Toronto Trolley Car Story 1921-1961. (1961). Louis H. Pursley. Interurbans (Special 29), Los Angeles, CA.

The Trackless Trolleys of Boston . (BSRA Bulletin 7, 1970). Bradley H. Clarke. Cambridge MA: Boston Street Railway Association.

The Trackless Trolleys of Rhode Island. (BSRA Bulletin 18, 1983). Richard L. Wonson. Cambridge MA: Boston Street Railway Association.

Trackless Trolleys of the Fitchburg & Leominster Street Railway Company. (BSRA Bulletin 11, 1975). Bradley H. Clarke. Cambridge MA: Boston Street Railway Association.

Transit's Stepchild: the Trolley Coach. (1973). Mac Sebree and Paul Ward. Cerritos, CA: Interurbans. Special 58.

Trolley Buses 1913-2001. Photo Album. (Available from Rapid Transit Publications).

Trolley Coach Operatrion in Hamilton. Canadian Transportation, June 1952, p 333.

The Trolley Coach in North America. (1974). Mac Sebree and Paul Ward. Cerritos, CA: Interurbans. Special 59.

The Trolley Titans: A Mobile History of Atlanta (Interurbans. Special 76, 1981). O.E. Carson. Glendale CA: Interurban Press.

Trolley Trails through Greater Cleveland and Northern Ohio from 1910 to Today. Vol.3 in the Ohio Series; WRHS Publication No.134, 1975). Harry Christiansen. Cleveland OH: Western Reserve Historical Society.

Trolleybus. (1975). By Ken Blacker. Stanmore, MIddlesex: Capital Transport Publishing. English Trolleybuses.

Trolleybus Driving--Present, Past, and Restoration. By Geoff Griffiths.

Trolleybuses in Brno. Published by Wolf, Hynaisova 780/8. (In English)

Von der Gleislosen zum OberleitungsomnibusVon der Gleislosen zum Oberleitungsomnibus. Dr. Gerhard Bauer. Dresden (1997): Bauer Verlag für Verkehrsliteratur, C. M. Von Weberstr. Dresden FRG.

Winnipeg's Electric Transit: The Story of Winnipeg's Streetcars and Trolley Buses. (1982). John E. Baker. Toronto, ON: Railfare Enterprises Ltd.

tr Czech Trolleybus Bibliography (written in Czech).


Other Middleton Press trolleybus books, taken from the publisher's

brochure, May 1998. Typically 96pp, all published since 1996:



North American Trackless Trolley Association. (Ceased Publishing).

Trolleybus. The Journal of the British Trolleybus Society.

Trolleybus Magazine. Journal of the National Trolleybus Association.

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