Kapfenberg Trolleybus Photos 1


15 Gräf&Stift 15, a trolleybus wth a diesel auxiliary engine, in electric service, at Europaplatz-Platz.The auxiliary engine is 55kW, in German iat is called "Obus mit Diesel-Hilfsantrieb" (trolleybus with diesel helping engine).

25 Gräf&Stift 25, the last and one of two pure trolleybuses in Kapfenberg built in 1989, at Lindenplatz.

35 Gräf&Stift 35, built in 1995, at Koloman-Wallisch-Platz. This is the other pure trolleybus.

2 Mercedes-Benz articulated duo mode trolleybus 32 on route 1 at "Rio-Kreyuzung" (Rio Junction) near the bus stop "Ledigenheim". 15 MY 2000. This vehicle is the former 994 from Potsdam, Germany.

Photos by Wolfgang Auer and information by Martin Huber.

31 1987 Mercedes-Benz articulated trolley 31 built in 1987. Photo by Wolfgang Auer. 8 JL 1998.

3 1987 Mercedes-Benz articulated trolley. Photographer Martin Huber. Courtesy of Public Transport Net.

109 A Gräf & Stift trolley. Photographer Wolfgang Auer.

main A Gräf & Stift trolley and a Mercedes Benz articulated trolley at a main stop in central Kapfenburg. Photographer Graeme Bennett.

109 A Gräf & Stift trolley somewhere in K. Photographer Graeme Bennett.

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Kapfenberg Photos 2

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