Notes on Hong Kong Trolleybus Project


 World's First Double-Deck Air-Con Trolleybus


Citybus, which operates 1,100 diesel buses in the SAR, is a strong advocate of this totally non-polluting form of transport to improve the territory's air quality.

According to the Company's engineering consultant, John Blay, who heads the trolleybus project, the conversion is proceeding smoothly.

"We de-licensed one of our existing air-conditioned double-deck buses in August. Converting the diesel powered bus to electric traction requires the installation of suitable electronic and electrical components for the main traction drive; the air-conditioning compressor drive; the air compressor drive; the hydraulic pump drive; and 24 volt electrical supply for normal bus system," John Blay said. "And, of course, two trolley booms will be fitted onto the roof of the bus concerned," he added.

"We have since taken out the original diesel-related components, such as the engine, flywheel, gearbox, propshaft, and air filter to make way for the conversion parts," he added.

Parts required for the trolley conversion come from the UK, Denmark, Italy, France, and Switzerland. The Company estimated that the conversion will be completed by December, 2000.

Work on the test track at the Wong Chuk Hang parking site is expected to start in November, when all government, and district council-related formalities have been duly observed. "The plan is to erect 18 power poles, from which two overhead wires are suspended, along the west and north perimeters of the depot," he said.
"The trolleybus will run along these lines repeatedly,"John Blay continued.

Managing director, Lyndon Rees summed up, "We take it as our social responsibility to reduce pollution from diesel-powered buses, and the long term solution has to be for electric traction in the form of trolleybuses ?a totally non-polluting form of transport. It is our view that the sooner this type of transport mode is introduced, the sooner the Hong Kong public can really look forward to "clean air" on the streets of Hong Kong.?

John Blay is one of the speakers for the Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2000 conference, which will take place today (18 September) to 20 September. The Chief Executive, Tung Chee Hwa, will officiate at today's opening ceremony. John Blay will make his trolleybus presentation on 20 September, 1050 hours, Jockey Club Auditorium, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. BAQ 2000 is jointly organised by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Environmental Protection Department.

Citybus Trolley Bus Conversion and Test Track Programme Schedule


To establish the technical viability of the trolley bus conversion; to ascertain the performance characteristics of the vehicle, including electrical power consumption; and to ensure durability, and reliability of the componentry and system integrity.


Proposed Time Line


Announcement of decision to

  1. convert an existing diesel bus into a trolleybus
  2. build a trolleybus test track at Wong Chuk Hang Citybus depot

March 2000


Preparation work and parts ordering

March to May 2000


Delivery of trolleybus components

August to October 2000


Delicensing of existing bus for conversion work

August 2000


Conversion of diesel bus to trolleybus

August to December 2000


Work on Wong Chuk Hang test track

October/November 2000


Conversion and test track complete

December 2000


Launch of trial

End December 2000



End December 2000 to June 2001


Sharing of experience with Transport Department consultants

To be on-going


Announcement of test results

To be decided

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