Inferential Statistics

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  1. Title page

  2. Descriptive vs Inferential statistics

  3. Inferential statistics is a leap into the unknown

  4. Remember the study of students' drinking habits?

  5. Your sample's mean was 10.54

  6. You found that other people got different results

  7. If you could get enough samples from that population ...

  8. The Sampling Distribution of Sample Means

  9. It has some useful properties

  10. The third useful property

  11. Estimate the Standard Error of the Mean

  12. You use information about sample statistics to estimates of population parameters

  13. The key to inferential statistics is the sampling distribution

  14. Four important assuimptions

  15. The mean and standard deviation of the sampling distribution

  16. Standard errors are measures of sampling variability

  17. A large standard error means that ....

  18. Only two things influence the standard error

  19. Standard errors and level of confidence

  20. How close are you? How confident are you?

  21. You know four things.

  22. A picture showing how 95% of sample means are within +/- 1.96 SEM of the population mean

  23. A picture showing how you can be 95% certain that .....

  24. The Standard Error of Proportions

  25. The Standard Error of Differences Between Means

  26. Standard errors measure sampling variability

  27. Two things affect sampling variability

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