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Dr. Burtch’s home page, Writers’ Union of Canada:

Dr. Brian Burtch

Professor Emeritus

School of Criminology




School of Criminology

Simon Fraser University

Burnaby, British Columbia   V5A 1S6





I am a fully retired Professor Emeritus in the School of Criminology. My key interests are: Sociology of Law, Gender and Law, Social Inclusion and Homophobic and Transphobic Bullying, Midwifery and the State, Critical Criminology, Penal abolition, Academic integrity, and efforts to support non-traditional postsecondary students, especially mid-career, mature students. I chaired the Ad Hoc Committee on Lifelong Learning at SFU and served as the BC/Yukon regional representative for the Writers’ Union of Canada from 1999-2001. Other key interests include cohort-based learning and teaching with online technology. I have worked on the academic integrity committee in Criminology and I am a board member and President of the West Coast Book Prize Society.



Selected Publications and works-in-progress 


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-- available online at


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Cover of A Contested Landscape 
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Generation Immigrants in Greater Vancouver.
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