Research Highlights

Water Security and Groundwater Risk Assessment

Source water protection strategies are ideally focused where the greatest amount of harm reduction can occur. This process of risk management requires an assessment of the spatial variability of risk to water. We are developing novel approaches for assessing risks to water (groundwater and surface water, both quality and quantity).

Risk to Water Security in Northeast BC

Snow Drought Risk in Western North America

Risk Assessment Framework for Coastal Bedrock Aquifers

Storm Surge Risk in Coastal Aquifers

Groundwater Quality Risk Assessment, Langley BC

Water Security Framework - Guidance Document

Water Resources in North East British Columbia

NEBC was used as a case study area for evaluating risk and resilience in the context of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus. This part of the research is funded in part by the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (Kyoto, Japan) as part of a larger circum-Pacific project on nexus issues, and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS)

  1. Vulnerability of Headwater Catchments to Climate Change and Water Use (Dierauer, PhD Thesis: Chapter 5)
  2. Groundwater Resources in Buried Valley Aquifers (Morgan, MSc Thesis)
  3. Shallow Groundwater Intrinsic Vulnerability Mapping
  4. Mapping the Likelihood of Spring Occurrence (Bystron, MSc Thesis)
  5. Deep-Aquifer Wastewater Disposal (Simons, MSc Thesis)
  6. Wastewater Regulations Database - Notte, C. and Allen, D.M. (2015) Database of wastewater-related regulations across North American shale gas basin jurisdictions (available on SFU Radar data repository).
  7. Modelling Wastewater Leaks and Spills (Rosales-Ramirez, MSc in progress)
  8. Role of Regional Groundwater Flow on Slope Stability (Dandurand, MSc Thesis).

Impact of Pumping on Streamflow

An ongoing project being carried out in collaboration with the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development.

Phase 1 Field Investigation Report

Stream Vulnerability Report

Steele Park, Langley, BC

Otter Park, Langley, BC