Convocation Spring 2020

Congratulations from Evan Tiffany, Chair of Philosophy, your professors and the Department of Philosophy at Simon Fraser University.

Click on the image to join the SFU Virtual Convocation streaming live at 5:30pm PDT on YouTube

You did it! You've graduated!

Faculty, instructors and staff in the Department of Philosophy at Simon Fraser University send their heartiest congratulations to all of you.

Well done, and all the best for your future adventures!


The Class of 2020

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Simon Pollon PhD



Master of Arts (MA)

Cody Brooks MA
Paul Xu MA
David Rattray MA
Ali Taghavinasab MA

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Philosophy Major

Saya Watanabe  
Omry Gribov  
Joey Chung Yin Lam  
Lady Daise Marayag  
Deeya Bhardwaj  

Philosophy Major; Law Concentration

Milad Doust 
Darwin Weng   
Marco Natino Autelitano 
Shawn Singh Dhaliwal  
Colten Kamlade  
Nicholas Nayef Sayed  
Nicholas Richard Edward Sheffield 
Shanti Cheri Thurber 

Philosophy Minor 

Kieran Joseph Luckhart 
Jessica Hyde 
Claire Qiu 
Emma Melissa Wong 
Caitlin Ria van der Have  
Caitlin Nikita Childs 
Aizhan Sabitova 

Philosophy Minor; Law Concentration

David Jordan Henigman 

Philosophy Extended Minor

Nancy Emilie McLean 
Conrad Samuel Ng 

Certificate in Ethics

Bridget Gail Cruz Inocencio 

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Confetti sequence: 
Gabrielle Suchon: By Gabrielle Suchon, Edited and Translated by Domna C. Stanton and Rebecca M. Wilkin - A Woman Who Defends All the Persons of Her Sex (extracted from File:Gabrielle Suchon Portrait.pdf using pdfimages), Public Domain, Link