Schotch-Jennings Logic Prize

March 14, 2018

Congratulations to Jeff Pelletier, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and CRC Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Science, and Allen Hazen (Philosophy, U of Alberta) who have won the inaugural competition for the Schotch-Jennings Logic Prize to be awarded in June at UNILOG 2018, the Congress in Universal Logic in Vichy.

The winning entry is entitled “K3, Ł3, LP, RM3, A3, FDE, M: How to make many valued logics work for you”. The paper will appear in the journal Logica Universales.

The prize is named in honour of Canada’s founders of the highly-influential preservationist approach to the logic of paraconsistent theories, Peter Scotch (Philosophy, Dalhousie) and Ray Jennings (Philosophy, SFU).

The S-J jurors were Bryson Brown (Lethbridge), Sandra Lapointe (McMaster), Jean-Pierre Marquis (Montréal), Wendy MacCaull (Acadia), with Alasdair Urquhart (Toronto) non-voting in the chair. The Schotch-Jennings Logic Prize was established by John Woods (Philosophy, UBC) and François Lepage (Philosophy, Montréal).


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