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Convocation Fall 2017

October 21, 2018

Congratulations to all our graduating students at Fall Convocation 2017, including David Walker who has completed his Philosophy Major more than 36 years after first registering. 

Learn more about this inspiring graduate, his life and his experience as a mature student:

"David Walker won’t just be walking across the academic quadrangle at Simon Fraser University when he accepts his Bachelor of Philosophy degree on Oct. 5, he’ll be bridging decades. Walker, 68, first started working towards his degree 37 years ago."
Coquitlam Senior Philosophical about SFU Degree: Tri City News, Sept. 21

"And while work, marriage and kids interrupted that discovery, he doesn’t downplay its value throughout his life and career. He says the reasoning and logic skills he acquired during his philosophy studies stood him in good stead when making decisions about public health ethics and other complex issues."
Grad strikes philosophy degree off long bucket list: SFU News Oct. 3, 2017

"So, fellow graduating class of 2017...I am really, really old!  I’m your Grandad.  I was born four years after World War II.  Many of you will be my current age in 2060!"
Living to Learn to Learn to Live! David, in his own words

Convocation Information:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Date: Thursday, October 5
Time: 2:30 pm
Location: Burnaby campus, Convocation Mall

Parking will be limited and in high demand during Convocation. Consider taking transit/carpool if you can. More info:

Convocation schedule:


SFU's Convocation hashtags: #SFU + #mySFUgrad

Tune in to Convocation Live:

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