Aldergrove Border (Lynden Crossing) to Canada: The Aldergrove border is accessed to Canada by Guide Meridian coming from Lynden Washington. When entering Canada you will end up on 264 Street (the #13 Aldergrove-Bellingham Hwy merges into 264th). If you carry on 264th it will take you to Hwy 1, head west to Vancouver-proper. When you see exit signs to Vancouver-proper (there will be several, some might read "city centre") take any of the westbound exits off of highway 1 into Vancouver-proper (follow signs, Hastings St. exit is the last of the exits before you've gone too far). It's about 45 minutes to downtown from the border. Click here for a map of the downtown area with the conference venue and hotels indicated.

This crossing 35miles/59km east of Vancouver. The wait is usually less than 5 minutes.

The conference hotels are very close to the conference venue (see map).

Aldergrove Border (Lynden Crossing) Hours: The border crossing at Aldergrove/Lynden is open 8am to midnight every day.