Presenter instructions
You may use your own computer for your presentation or use the computer provided in the presentation room. All presentation rooms will have a computer with PowerPoint, OpenOffice Impress (need to check on this), Adobe Acrobat and other standard presentation software (you will need a way to tranfer your presentation on to these computers if you use them (eg. usb drive)). If you require any special software or hardware please let us know ahead of time and we'll be happy to try and accommodate. The larger presentation rooms will also have a microphone available. Laser pointers will be available in all rooms. We will supply portable whiteboards in rooms that do not have built in chalk/whiteboards.

Please note that the time limits are strictly enforced.

  • Plenary talks are 30 minutes and then there are a few minutes for questions. Plenary talks should be at a colloquium level and not too technical, as the audience will consist of physicists from all disciplines.

  • Invited parallel-session talks are 30 minutes and then there are a few minutes for questions.

  • Regular parallel-sesison talks are 10 minutes plus 2 minutes for questions.

  • If you use your own devices, please test them ahead of time.

  • Laptops for your presentation should be connected during the question and answer period of the previous talk.

  • Maximum poster size is no more than 4 feet by 4 feet (smaller is better).

  • If you need anything special for your presentation please let us know as soon as possible (eg. sound system etc.).