These instructions apply to an ancient version of Silo shipped as a part of VisIt source tree. You should use current Silo distribution instead, also available through MacPorts.

1) Download and unpack Silo source code:

sh; cd silo060605

2) If you are using shared HDF5 libraries (e.g. the ones supplied by Fedora), Silo distribution requires patching (if you have libhdf5.a, you can skip this step). Download and apply silo-config.patch:

patch < silo-config.patch

After patching is done, regenerate configure script:


3) HDF5 calling API changed in version 1.8. If you are building against new HDF5 libraries, you have to enable compatibility mode by passing -D H5_USE_16_API flag to the compiler. Above patch does it for you.

4) Configure Silo as usual. For example:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local --libdir=/usr/local/lib64 \
  --disable-sdx --disable-gui --enable-parallel --without-readline \
  --without-exodus CFLAGS='-Os -march=core2'

5) Build and install Silo:

make && make install