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Recent Publications

1.  P.S. Budnik, R.A. Gordon, E. D. Crozier, (2007). The Pd/Fe interface in the epitaxial system Pd/Fe/GaAs(001)- 4 x 6, 2007.  Proceedings of 13th  International Conference on  X-ray Absorption Fine Structure,   July 9-14,  2006 , Stanford, California, AIP Conference Proceedings 882, 398-400.

2.  R.A. Gordon, E.D. Crozier, D-T.Jiang, J. Shoults, W. Barg, P.S. Budnik, (2006). Characteristics of the MBE1 end-station at PNC/XOR. 2007,  ibid  AIP Conference Proceedings 882, 887-889.

3.  R.A. Gordon and E.D. Crozier, 2006. In-plane Structural Anisotropy of Ultra-thin Fe Films on GaAs(001)-4x6: X-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopy measurements, Phys. Rev. B 74, 165405-1-165405-6

4. R.A. Gordon,  E.D. Crozier,  D.-T. Jiang, P.S. Budnik, T.L. Monchesky, B. Heinrich, 2005. In-  situ XAFS study of Fe epitaxially grown by MBE on GaAs(001)-4x6, Surf. Sci. 581, 47-57.

5. J.A. Gupta, M.W.C. Dharma-wardana, A. Jurgensen, E.D. Crozier, J.J. Rehr, M. Prange, 2005.  Local environment of Nitrogen in GaNyAs1-y epilayers on GaAs(001) studied using X-ray  absorption near edge spectroscopy, Solid State Commun. 136, 351-355.

6. R.A. GordonP.S. Budnik,  D.T. Jiang, E.D. Crozier, 2005.  Evolution of an Iron Film on GaAs(001)-4x6.   Proc. 12th  Intl. Conf. on X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure, June 22-27, 2003,  Malmo, Sweden.  Phys. Scripta. T115, 492-494.

7. P.S. Budnik, R.A. Gordon, E. D. Crozier, 2005. Structure of the Magnetic Trilayer System FePdFe Epitaxially Grown on GaAs(001)-4x6.  ibid.   Phys. Scripta. T115, 495-497.

8. A.V. Ryazhkin, Yu.A. Babanov, T. Miyanaga, E.D. Crozier, R.A. Gordon, T.  Reich, H. Funke,  2005. Thickness Inhomogeneity Effect in EXAFS Spectroscopy. ibid. Phys. Scripta T115, 197-199.

9. A. Jürgensen, J.R. Widmeyer, R.A. Gordon, L I. Bendell-Young, M.M. Moore, E.D. Crozier, 2004. The structure of the manganese oxide on the sheath of the bacterium Leptothrix discophora: An XAFS study, American  Mineralogist 89, 1110-1118.

10. J.R. Widmeyer, E.D. Crozier, M.M. Moore, A. Jurgenson, L.I. Bendell-Young, 2004. Role of Leptohtrix Discophora in mediating metal uptake in the filter-feeding bivalve Mytilus trossulus (edulis), Environmental Science and Technology 38, 769-74.

11. R.A. Gordon, E.D. Crozier, J. Shoults, D.-T. Jiang, 2002. Ultrahigh vacuum-compatible fluorescence x-ray absorption fine structure detector, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 73, 2849-2851.

12. R.A. Gordon, D. Yang, E. D. Crozier, D.-T. Jiang and R.F. Frindt. (2002). The structures of exfoliated single layers of WS2, MoS2 and MoSe2 in aqueous suspension. Phys. Rev. 65, 125407:1-9

13. S. Heald, E.A. Stern, D.Brewe, R.A. Gordon, E.D.Crozier, D.T.Jiang, J.Cross, (2001). XAFS at the PNC-CAT Undulator Beamline. Proc. 11th Intl. Conf. on X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure, Ako, Japan, July 26-31. J. of Synchrotron Radiation 8, 342-344.

14. A.V. Ryazhkin, Yu.A. Babanov, V.P. Pilugin, T. Miyanaga, T. Okazaki, E.D. Crozier and R.A.  Gordon, (2001).  Determination of local structure for the first  and second shells in ordered and disordered Ni-Mn alloys, ibid.  J. of Synchrotron  Radiation 8, 300-301.

15. Yu. A. Babanov, E.D. Crozier, R.A. Gordon, T. Miyanaga, T. Okazaki, V.P .Pilugin, A.V. Ryazhkin, 2001. Local atomic arrangement for the ordered and disordered Ni0.50Mn0.50, Ni0.75Mn0.25 and Ni0.80Mn0.20 alloys, Proc. 13th Int’l Synchrotron Radiation Conf., Novosibirsk, Russia, July 17-21,2000.  Nuclear Instrum. and Methods in Physics Research A 470 367-372.

16. R.A. Gordon, E.D. Crozier, D.T. Jiang, T.L. Monchesky, and B. Heinrich, (2000). Distorted iron films on GaAs(001)-4x6, Phys. Rev. B 62,  2151-2157.

17. J.A. Gupta, S.P. Watkins, E.D. Crozier, J.C. Woicik, D.A. Harrison, D.-T. Jiang, I.J. Pickering, B.A. Karlin, (2000). Layer Perfection in Ultrathin InAs Quantum Wells in GaAs(001), Phys. Rev. B 61, 2073-2084.

18. L.J. Cabri, M. Newville, R.A.Gordon, E.D. Crozier, S.R. Sutton, G. McMahon, D.-T. .Jiang, (2000). Chemical speciation of gold in arsenopyrite, Canadian Mineralogist, 38, 1265-1281.

19. M.A. Sahiner, E.D. Crozier, D.T. Jiang and R. Ingalls, (1999). Pressure-induced Bond Buckling in YBa2Cu3O7-d, Phys. Rev. B 59, 3902-3910.

20. J.A. Gupta, J.C. Woicik, S.P. Watkins, D. Harrison, E.D. Crozier, B. Karlin, (1999). Layer  Perfection in ultrathin, MOVPE-grown InAs layers buried in GaAs(001) studied by x-ray standing waves and photoluminescence, Proc. 10th Intl Conference on X-ray Absorption Fine Structure, Chicago, Ill,
Aug 10-14.  J. of Synchrotron Radiation 6 (1999) 500-502.


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