Professor John F. Cochran

May 06, 2014

The SFU Physics Department is sorry to share the news that Prof. John Cochran, charter member of the Department of Physics, passed away on May 2nd, 2014.

As one of a handful of charter faculty, John was highly influential in charting the course of the department over the next several decades, and made outstanding contributions to the university and department in research, teaching and service.

As a researcher he was pivotal in developing an internationally recognized research program at SFU in magnetism and magnetic materials, serving as a mentor and collaborator to later hires in this area, such as professors Tony Arrott, Brett Heinrich, and Erol Girt, among others.

He was an excellent teacher, and his electromagnetism textbook "Applications of Maxwell's Equations" was widely used at SFU and elsewhere. He also served as Department Chair (1968-1974) and more recently as Dean of Science (1981-1985).

John is survived by his wife Pieternella, and his two children, Stephanie and Alexander.