Siemens X-Ray Diffractometer (D5000)


  • Low resolution q-2q powder diffractometer
  • Detector and source can be moved independently
  • Non-collimated beam (0.5 deg at sample)
  • 1-D detector
  • High temperature stage
  • Sample stays level




Patricia Mooney

Technical Support (Primary)

Myrtle, Ken


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Policy for use of Departmental X-Ray facilities:

  1. Receive training through Occupational Health and Safety - users will receive both training for badges and preliminary training on different instruments
  2. Receive training on the instrument to be used from the appropriate person
  3. Always use the log book – record name, supervisor, date, badge number
  4. Always wear a badge or a dosimeter
  5. Non-department users should borrow a key from the person who is providing technical support
  6. These policies should be posted on each instrument
  7. Tech support person should ensure policies are followed and logbook maintained