Step 2: Where to find the positions

Online job sites are good places to look for companies who have positions to fill.  The key is to not simply search for "physicist".  Instead focus on the sort of job you want and search for the relevant job titles.  Be sure to check out our careers page for some examples of job titles.

There are a number of professional associations for physicists and many of them have useful job searching information on their websites.  The professional association of physicists in Canada is the Canadian Association for Physicists.  The American Institute of Physics has lots of good information for physics students on their website.  Check out their Careers Tool Box.  Many professional organizations hold annual meetings that are great networking opportunities.  In particular the Canadian Association of Physicists has an annual undergraduate conference: the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference, hosted by a different Canadian university each year.  If you are not geographically constrained you might also check the job listings provided by the American Institute of Physics  and Physics Today.  The Biophysical Society has a job board with relevant postings.  The Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists has some good information about related careers and some job postings.

Networking is an important part of any job search.  Some would have you believe that 80% of positions are filled through networking.  Whatever the actual percentage is, you are better off taking advantage of networking as part of your job search.  To help you build your network, connect with us on  LinkedIN.  Many local employers can be found in the "Following" section at the bottom of the LinkedIN profile.  Networking is a great way to arrange for informational interviews to learn more about a company and what the people at that company do.  This is your opportunity to demonstrate your interest and knowledge about the relevant technology.   It is not the time to ask for a job.  If you have presented yourself well, your name will come to mind when a position opens up and you may then be encouraged to apply.  Check out this page for more information about informational interviews.