Revisions to SFU Policies in Response to Legalization of Cannabis

The following policies and associated procedures are posted for University community comment. A high level summary of proposed changes is included in the consultation memo, which prefaces the four revised draft policies.

The University is seeking to change four policies:

  • AD 1.12 Selling, Serving and Advertising Alcohol
  • AD 1.14 Use of University Motor Vehicles
  • GP 16 Smoking and Tobacco Use
  • GP 17 Occupational Health & Safety

In addition to addressing the legalization of cannabis a recent review of each identified the need for general updates including greater clarity, definitions of key terms, consistency of responsibilities and an enhanced focus on safety across the University community.

You are invited to review and comment on the draft policies and associated procedures. Please send your comments to Mark LaLonde, Chief Safety Officer or Sandi de Domenico, Associate Vice President Human Resources at by 4:00 PM Friday, January 25, 2019.

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