Limited Term Research Faculty (A 12.05)


July 27, 1999

Revision Date

February 23, 2010


A 12.05

Revision No.


  1. Purpose
    This policy sets out when and how a limited term research faculty member may be appointed and the terms and conditions for such appointments.

  3. Scope
    This policy applies to the appointment of limited term instructors, assistant professors, associate professors and professors.

  5. Definition
    3.1 A limited term faculty member is an individual who does not hold an appointment with another university, or an equivalent position in another appropriate organization.
    3.2 A person who is a candidate for a degree at Simon Fraser University may not be appointed as a limited term faculty member with an appointment longer than a year, in a department directly associated with the degree sought, until the degree requirements have been fulfilled.

  7. Rationale
    The typical faculty appointment is and will continue to be one that leads to tenure. A short-term need for staff to undertake specific teaching tasks will normally be met by making sessional appointments or limited term teaching appointments. However, under some special circumstances where contributions are required both to the teaching and to the research programs of a department, it may be desirable to make limited term research appointments where one or more of the following conditions are satisfied:
    1. an authorized limited term position exists;
    2. an authorized tenure-track position is vacant on a temporary basis;
    3. authorization has been given for the replacement of a regular faculty member on leave or for the partial replacement of a faculty member whose appointment has been modified from full-time to part-time.

  9. Terms and Conditions
    5.1The length of a limited term appointment will depend upon the commitment of funds.
    1. Normally, a limited term appointment of less than one year will be made under A12.01 the Teaching Faculty Policy rather than under this policy.
    2. The initial term of appointment may not exceed three years.
    3. A limited term position may be renewed at the discretion of the University, but the total term of an appointment may not normally exceed five years.
    4. In certain circumstances where a limited term appointment is required to replace a faculty member on a leave, secondment or other similar circumstance of more than five years duration, the limited term appointment can extend beyond five years.
    5. These appointments shall end on the date specified in the appointment letter and no notice shall be required.

    5.2 In the event that an individual holding a limited term appointment is the successful candidate in a competition for a tenure- track position, the years spent in term appointments concluded under this policy contiguous with the tenure-track appointment will count towards study leave eligibility.
    5.3 A limited term research faculty member with an appointment of one year or longer will have research semesters as provided for in A 30.02.

  11. Responsibilities
    6.1 A limited term research faculty member will be responsible to the Department Chair for assigned duties.
    6.2 A limited term research faculty member with an appointment of longer than a year or with two or more consecutive one-year appointments may participate in committee work and may stand for election and vote in all University elections in which other faculty members participate, with the exception of the Tenure and Promotion Committee and the Faculty Review Committee.
    6.3 A limited term research faculty member holding an initial appointment of a year or less may participate in Departmental, Faculty or University committee work at the initiative of the appropriate authority, but may not vote.

  13. Salary and Benefits for Limited Term Faculty 7.1 The qualifications and experience of the appointee shall determine placement on the Faculty Salary Scale.
    7.2 Limited term research faculty with an appointment of one year or less shall receive no career progress increase. If they are re-appointed, their step placement shall reflect their performance in the previous appointment.
    7.3 Limited term research faculty with appointments of more than one year shall receive one career progress increase at the start of the second year.
    7.4 Limited term research faculty with appointments of two years or more, or with two or more consecutive one-year appointments shall be subject to a formal performance review as set out in the Faculty Salaries Policy A 20.01 in the 2nd year in the position and every second year thereafter. If they are re- appointed, their step placement shall be determined by the salary review.
    7.5 The benefits for limited term research faculty are specified in A 21.01.
    7.6 A limited term research faculty member may be eligible for assistance with relocation expenses under policy GP 9.

  15. Procedures for Appointments
    8.1 Appointments of limited term research faculty shall be concluded according to A10.01, Category C.


Section 14.1 of the Faculty Association Framework Agreement deals with matters of interpretation of this policy.