Associate Members Policy


October 1, 1992

Revision Date


A 12.07

Revision No.

  1. General
    Associate Members are persons of substantial expertise and/or academic qualification in the discipline of the Faculty or Department to which they are attached and who simultaneously hold a continuing position at the University, either on its faculty or staff. An appointment as Associate Member does not confer faculty status.


  2. Appointment
    The Chair of the Department shall initiate the appointment of an Associate Member. Since the appointment may cause competing demands on the appointee's time, the Chair must consult the appointee's Department Chair or supervisor prior to recommending the appointment.


  3. Responsibilities

    Associate Members' responsibilities shall be determined by the Department Chair.


  4. Promotion and Tenure
    As an Associate Member, the appointee is not eligible for promotion or tenure.


  5. Committee Work
    Associate Members may participate in the committee work of the Department to which they are attached, if asked to do so by the Chair of the Department.


  6. Remuneration and Benefits

    An Associate Member is not normally remunerated. However, if he/she is assigned formal teaching responsibilities for a semester, a separate appointment as Sessional Lecturer may be made. No remuneration shall be applicable unless the teaching responsibilities assumed by the Associate Member/Sessional Lecturer are assumed over and above the normal work load of the appointee's regular position.

    Associate Members shall not receive any employment fringe benefits in addition to those already associated with his/her permanent position on the University's faculty or staff.


  7. Termination
    The appointee or the University may terminate the appointment by one semester's written notice to the other party.


Appointments shall be concluded according to A 10.01, Category C.


Questions of interpretation or application of this policy or its procedures shall be referred to the Vice-President, Academic, whose decision shall be final.