Tuition Waiver Policy


July 27, 1995

Revision Date


A 21.05

Revision No.

This policy was last amended on July 27, 1995.
The paper copy of this policy contains 2 dates because only the amended page of the policy was re-issued.

SFUFA Bargaining Unit

  1. Eligibility

    This policy covers full-time or part-time long-term employees as defined in A 21.01 Benefits. Subject to the limitations and conditions specified below, the spouse, and children under 25 years of age, of eligible employees shall be exempt from the payment of tuition fees for any academic courses taken at Simon Fraser University.

  2. Limitations and Conditions

    1. Exemption from tuition fees as provided for in this Policy does not imply exemption from any other fees which students may be required to pay, nor from any other requirements students are expected to fulfill.

    2. The eligibility of an employee's spouse or child for admission to any academic course or program at Simon Fraser University shall not be affected in any way by the provisions of this Policy.

    3. The benefits provided for in this Policy shall be prorated for the spouse and children of any employee whose appointment is less than full time.

    4. Subject to the limitations contained in this Policy, an employee's spouse and children shall retain their eligibility for tuition fee exemption in the event of the employee's death.

    5. Applications for tuition exemption under this Policy shall be made in accordance with procedures developed and amended from time to time by the University.
  1. Loss of Eligibility

    1. If the eligibility for this benefit is terminated during an academic semester in which a beneficiary is enrolled as a student at the University, the benefit shall be deemed to expire at the end of that semester.


  1. An employee shall obtain a tuition waiver form from her/his department or Human Resources.

  2. The employee shall complete the tuition waiver form and certify that all conditions of the tuition waiver policy are met.

  3. The Department Chair (or equivalent) shall verify that the employee is eligible under this Policy and if part-time shall indicate the percentage of the appointment.

  4. The student shall present the form to the Cashier's Office along with the fee assessment form and shall pay all non-tuition registration fees, such as Athletics/Recreation and Student Society fees.

Section 14.1 of the Faculty Association Framework Agreement deals with matters of interpretation of this policy.

July 27, 1995