Trimester Operation


July 27, 1995

Revision Date


A 30.02

Revision No.

This policy was last amended on July 27, 1995. The paper copy of this policy contains 2 dates because only the amended page of the policy was re-issued.


  1. The University operates on a trimester basis with three semesters, each of four months' duration.

  2. Faculty are employed and paid on a twelve months' basis.

  3. For every two semesters of teaching completed, the faculty member is entitled to one semester without teaching duties.

  4. The semester without teaching duties is called a research semester; it may be taken as any one of the three semesters of the calendar year, subject to the teaching requirements of the Department.

  5. A faculty member is entitled to one month's vacation each year, to be taken during the research semester. There is no carry over of vacation from one year to the next.

  6. The pattern of three teaching semesters followed by two research semesters, followed by one teaching semester (3-2-1) is an acceptable alternative with certain advantages for the faculty. The exercise of this privilege is conditional upon the overall needs of the departmental teaching program. The teaching of more than three consecutive semesters is discouraged.

  7. Where teaching needs dictate, a Department Chair may ask a faculty member to teach more than two consecutive semesters, but subject to the condition specified in section 3 above.

  8. When a Department Chair grants a research semester to a faculty member before the required teaching semesters have been completed, the faculty member has a contractual obligation to the University to complete that number of teaching semesters necessary to restore the 2-1 relationship.


  1. Department Chairs shall be responsible for ensuring that faculty members maintain the ratio of two teaching semesters to one research semester. The Department Chair shall also inform faculty members (including new faculty) in writing, whether they will teach or be on research in the forthcoming semester(s), and the particular course(s) which they have been assigned.

  2. All faculty requests for teaching more than three consecutive semesters shall be sent in writing to the Department Chair. The Chair shall forward the request and his/her recommendation to the Dean, and the Dean's decision shall be final.

  3. Should a Department Chair ask a faculty member to teach more than three consecutive semesters and if that faculty member agrees, this information will be forwarded by the Department Chair to the Dean and to the Vice-President, Academic.


Section 14.1 of the Faculty Association Framework Agreement deals with matters of interpretation of this policy.

July 27, 1996