Performance Evaluation Policy


April 1, 1999

Revision Date


AD 10-16

Revision No.

  1. Subject: Performance Evaluation

  2. General Policy Statement


    2.01 The University performance evaluation program has been established to enable each Employee to receive regular feedback on his/her job performance, to assist him/her to become more effective in his/her position and to inform supervisors of the Employee's career aspirations.

    2.02 The principal objectives of performance evaluation are to

    1. evaluate and improve performance,

    2. facilitate mutual feed-back and communication between the Employee and the supervisor,

    3. develop or modify objectives, and the means to implement those objectives,

    4. plan Professional Development and Training,

    5. ensure Position Descriptions are accurate,

    6. provide a basis for salary recommendations.

    2.03 The supervisor and the Employee are strongly encouraged to discuss job performance and goals on an informal, day-to-day basis. Additional formal performance evaluations are to be conducted at least annually near the Employee’s Anniverary Date.

  1. Responsibility


    3.01 Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that performance evaluations are conducted as close as possible to the Employee’s Anniversary Date.

    3.02 Human Resources is responsible for providing departments with a list of Employees to be evaluated at least two (2) months in advance of the Employees’ Anniversary Dates. If requested, Human Resources will also provide a copy of a current Position Description.


  2. Procedures


    4.01 The supervisor and the Employee being evaluated will both fill out the pertinent section of the Employee evaluation form and then meet to review each section of the form in detail.

    4.02 After the evaluation interview, the supervisor will complete the evaluation form. The Employee will review the form, add any comments he/she may wish to make, and sign the form. The supervisor will then also sign the form.

    4.03 The evaluation form will be forwarded to the next higher administrative level for review, comment and signature.

    4.04 Completed and fully signed forms will then be sent to Human Resources with copies routed to the Employee and to departmental files. The copies sent to Human Resources will be kept for three (3) years, then destroyed.