Control of University Motor Vehicles


July 5, 1971

Revision Date

May 25, 1981


AD 1.14

Revision No.



  1. Direct responsibility for the care and control of University-owned or leased motor vehicles shall rest with the user department.

  2. The use of University-owned or leased vehicles shall be restricted to University business only.

  3. No person shall operate a University-owned or leased vehicle unless he or she has a current driver's licence of the proper class, and skills to operate that vehicle.

  4. Vehicles shall be kept in good mechanical condition and shall be inspected at the required intervals as prescribed by Section 25.04 of the Motor Vehicles Act Regulations.

  5. All University-owned or leased vehicles shall be insured and licenced by the Bursar's Office.


  1. Each department using a University-owned or leased vehicle will appoint one person in the department to act as a Vehicle Supervisor.

  2. The Vehicle Supervisor will:

    1. ensure that each person who operates a departmental vehicle has a current and valid driver's licence with the necessary class and endorsements to operate that vehicle;

    2. have the vehicle safety-checked as required by the Motor Vehicles Act, Section 25.04;

    3. check the vehicles at frequent intervals and attend to appropriate maintenance when necessary.
  1. When disposing of a University-owned vehicle, the responsible department will:

    1. remove the vehicle's licence plates;

    2. notify the Bursar's Office for the removal or changing of insurances.

    3. If the vehicle is being used as a trade-in, arrangements are to be carried out with the Purchasing Department.

    4. If the vehicle is to be sold by the University as surplus, a Surplus Disposal Form (FAD 11-13) is to be completed and forwarded to the Coordinator, Ancillary Services.