Central Stores Storage


April 10, 1971

Revision Date

October 26, 1989


AD 11.17

Revision No.



  1. Storage space at the University is very limited and must be used to the best advantage in order to meet essential University requirements. Wherever possible, therefore, departments are expected to meet their own storage requirements within their own space resources.


  1. Central Stores, when it is appropriate, will provide storage space for the following:

    1. Goods and equipment which have been delivered on time but can not be installed due to delays in building construction, in cases where these deliveries could not be delayed.


    2. Goods and equipment which have been purchased in quantity to take advantage of price differentials but which are used progressively over a period of time.


    3. Goods and equipment which have been displaced by a re-allocat ion of space to meet other University requirements.


    4. Goods and equipment which have been provided by the University for the use of one of its officers or employees, when that officer or employee is temporarily away from campus and his/her space is required for other purposes during his/her absence.

  1. The University will not provide storage for the personal goods or effects of any of its officers or employees.


  1. The terms "officers" and "employees" shall be taken to include administrative officers, faculty, staff, students, and all others in the employ of the University.


  1. When individuals or departments require the use of Central Stores storage facilities, they will:

    1. complete Part I of the Storage Request Form (Ref: FAD 11-9, Appendix I)


    2. forward all copies to Central Stores.

  1. Central Stores will:

    1. determine the appropriateness of the request;


    2. for approved requests, arrange for the collection of the items from their point of origin and their placement in a designated storage area;


    3. complete Part II of the Storage Request Form;


    4. forward the pink copy to the initiator and retain other copies in their files.

  1. When stored items are to be released from storage, the individual or department will:

    1. advise Central Stores which items are to be removed, referring to the serial number on their file copy of the Storage Request Form.

  1. Central Stores will:

    1. arrange to have the items removed from storage and delivered to their designated destination;


    2. complete Part III of the Storage Request Form;


    3. obtain the signature of the initiator on the yellow copy, as a receipt and authorization for any charges which may have been incurred.


    Appendix 1: - Storage Request Form (FAD 11-9)