Adam Baker - Distinctive Research

Adam Baker recently completed his MA with Distinction in Political Science (2016). His Master’s degree

bridged the gap between political science and cognitive neuroscience, culminating in a study of the
neurobiological mechanisms of stereotyping between self-identified liberals and conservatives.

Currently Adam is a PhD candidate in the field of Cognitive and Neural Sciences, SFU, focusing on how
neurobiological systems mediate social interactions as well as exploring neurocomputational models of 
reinforcement learning. These systems are researched through a multi-modality approach, employing
cognitive psychology tasks, high-density brain electrical recordings, and neurocomputational modeling.

Adam keeps a foot in our department, working with Dr. Mark Pickup on a project seeking neurological
evidence that individuals who have incongruencies between their political identities and personal interests
can experience a conflict when making political choices.

More information on Adam’s groundbreaking research can be found on his website