POL 463 Visits the Downtown East Side

The class of POL 463 knows what brings a city to life.

This class, which explores diversity in cities, was treated to a field trip like no other when they went for a city tour in the heart of Vancouver.

On October 18, in the middle of the municipal campaign, Dr. Milan Singh, Special Advisor, Undergraduate Programs, SFU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Naveen Girn, Director of Community Relations at the City of Vancouver, gave the class a dynamic tour on the history of our city. The tour gave students a front row view of how race and colonial power have shaped Vancouver's history, buildings, neighborhoods, and the lived experiences of minority groups.

All of the students (and the instructor!) highly appreciated this tour. They were even treated to a Polaroid picture taken by one of the DTES residents.

Thanks to Dr. Fourot for arranging this activity and to Dr. Singh and Naveen for their outstanding addition to the class.