October 17, 2018

POL Professors Win Esteemed FASS awards

We are proud to announce that two of our Political Science faculty members have been selected as recipients of the 2018 Inaugural FASS Employee Achievement Awards. Read more about each of the winners, and why their contributions to SFU have earned them these honours.

Dr. Genevieve Fuji Johnson, FASS Changemaker

Genevieve's efforts on behalf of marginalized and at risk groups at SFU and in the wider community embody the very spirit of “Change Maker”; these efforts promise to leave a lasting impact on individual students, our larger society, and SFU’s image, mission, and identity as a champion of equity and diversity. It is a mission particularly important for FASS as a long time leader in the university in pushing for positive social change and inclusion and as the largest faculty across campus. Dr. Fuji Johnson has exemplified this cause in three critical ways: through her leadership on SFU’s recent Sexual Violence Policy initiative, her current role as a Senior Advisor to the Provost’s Office on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and her volunteer work and research on marginalized communities in the lower mainland—women sex workers and survivors of violence.

First, on the heels of several high profile incidents across North American campuses and a growing sense that universities, including SFU, were not doing enough to combat sexual violence, SFU established a Working Group charged with writing an official policy on sexual violence and misconduct. Dr. Fuji Johnson served as a faculty representative of the Advisory Group on this project and devoted countless hours. Changemaker, indeed! These policies matter. They matter for individual students. They matter for the fabric of our communities and how we think about and act in the world. SFU is a better place for this policy and for Dr. Fuji Johnson’s tireless dedication to help bring it to fruition.

Dr. Fuji Johnson has contributed numerous hours over the past two years in her pursuit of making life better for students, the community, SFU, and FASS. She is an exemplar of not just hoping for a better world but getting out there and making it happen. 

Dr. Clare McGovern, Term Teaching Award

Clare is a talented and innovative instructor who is dedicated to enhancing the student experience and learning outcomes inside and outside the classroom. Over the past two years, she has made an extraordinary impact on students, consistently receiving among the highest student teaching evaluations in our department across a range of courses. She also has contributed to our teaching and learning development in four critical ways: through raising the bar for active, engaged learning in the classroom; developing and integrating outside learning partnerships with government and non-government organizations that connect her students to the wider community; receiving grant funding and conducting research on pedagogical learning practices; and, leading the training and mentoring of our incoming TAs.

Dr. McGovern is an immensely talented instructor who strives to enhance student-learning outcomes through innovative simulations and community focused activities. She challenges her students to think outside the box and inspires them to dedicate significant time to their studies. It is clear that students value this kind of intensive, active learning and recognize her excellence.

From a student:

Clare McGovern truly goes above and beyond for her students and dedicates chunks of her time to support them, academically and otherwise. As the Department Representative on the Political Science Student Union (PSSU) and an event planer for the PSSU’s first Career Night, I can confirm that her commitment to assist her students is truly exemplary. Once she heard of our plans for Career Night, she offered to reach out to her contacts and found our first confirmed speaker. Additionally, she has taken the initiative to reach out to the PSSU to coordinate planning a workshop for students who wish to apply to work with the Federal Government of Canada. The workshop will be taking place in September of 2018 and will be lead by a connection of her who has worked for the Federal Government. Students, the Department of Political Science, and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences genuinely benefit from Professor McGovern’s efforts of creating a professional and interest-driven learning community. 

Congrats to these two amazing additions to the Political Science team!