Featured Alumni

  • Elaine Carmen BA 2017 Teacher, Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Elaine won the prestigious Dean’s Convocation Medal for 2017 as one of the top graduating students at SFU. A Political Science degree allowed Elaine the flexibility to choose between different career paths, such as law or teaching, which she was considering during her undergraduate degree.
  • Rina Kashyap PhD 2016 Associate Professor, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi Rina won the Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship for her doctoral research. She now teaches courses in political theory, international relations, and Indian politics. She also taught courses in the Journalism and Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding programmes.
  • Seth Klein MA 1996 BC Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives "My time doing an MA in political science at SFU nearly 20 years ago led directly to my work with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. I benefitted from a wonderful team of thesis advisors, my thesis research resulted in my being hired by the CCPA, and strange as it may sound, I use core elements of my thesis every day. I also appreciated some great opportunities as both a teaching assistant and research assistant while at SFU, and enjoyed the activist life at SFU as well."
  • Jimmy Peterson BA 2013, MA 2015 Articling Student, Paine Edmonds LLP "I am very grateful to the Political Science Department at SFU. From the professors to the students to the staff, they made things fun and lively, and the help they provided during my BA and MA was immeasurable. I was guided and pushed to become a stronger writer, researcher, and critical thinker, and had the opportunity to publish and co-publish (with professors) on many occasions. Going through the arduous process of writing an MA thesis was extremely valuable and the small class sizes and scholarship funding allowed for great individual training and support. Dr. Alexander Moens served as a wonderful role model as an academic and even more so as a person."