Sanjay Jeram and Stewart Prest: 2020 Provincial Election Media Interviews

November 12, 2020

On September 21st, B.C. Premier John Horgan called a provincial election for October 24th, 2020. What follows are media interviews from our faculty members, Sanjay Jeram and Stewart Prest, related to that provincial election.

Sanjay Jeram

Bio: Sanjay Jeram is a senior lecturer and Undergraduate Program Chair in the Department of Political Science at Simon Fraser University.

September 22, 2020: "John Horgan calls a snap election" (CTV Vancouver)

September 24, 2020: "How effective are snap elections": Part One and Part Two (CFAX 1070)

September 28, 2020: "Unexpected election could bring unexpected results" (Business in Vancouver)

September 30, 2020: "Without a high profile, Liberals' Wilkinson has big hill to climb" (The Vancouver Sun)

October 13, 2020: "Mailing it in" (CBC Prince Edward Island)

October 14, 2020: "Review of B.C. Leaders' Debate": Part One and Part Two (CBC Radio One)

October 15, 2020: "Education in background of B.C. election as mostly a 'stay the course' issue" (The Vancouver Sun)

October 16, 2020: "B.C. Election 2020: With a week to go, NDP remains well ahead" (The Vancouver Sun)

October 21, 2020: "B.C. Election 2020: Major parties promise more money for health care, more staff, more facilities" (The Vancouver Sun

October 21, 2020: "New Democrats make push in opponents' ridings in the final days of B.C. election" (Times Colonist)

October 24, 2020: "B.C. Voters Head to the Polls"  (CBC North Yellowknife)

October 24, 2020: "B.C. Election 2020" (CTV News Channel)             

October 25, 2020: "John Horgan says he will work across party lines to find ideas that work for B.C."
(Times Colonist

October 26, 2020: "B.C. Liberal leader stepping down after losing seats in election" (Burnaby NOW)

October 27, 2020: "Too rural, not enough diversity, soul-searching needed: B.C. Liberal candidates speak out on election loss" (CBC)

November 9, 2020: "NDP wins 57 seats in final vote count of B.C. election": Part 1 and Part 2 (CBC Radio One)

Stewart Prest

Bio: Stewart Prest is a limited term lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Simon Fraser University.

September 21, 2020: "In B.C., the decision to call an election could be the biggest election issue" (The Star Vancouver)

September 21, 2020: "Campaigning in B.C. amid COVID-19 pandemic will look very different: experts" (News 1130)

September 22, 2020: "Horgan’s election call ‘nakedly opportunistic,’ political scientist says" (Surrey-Now Leader)

September 23, 2020: "Election battle lines run through the Tri-Cities" (The Tri-City News)

September 25, 2020: "Horgan touts housing record in Coquitlam and Liberal attacks" (The Tri-City News)

September 29, 2020: "Upcoming provincial election to see younger demographic" (News 1130)

October 1, 2020: "Who is best to lead B.C.’s pandemic recovery?" (Pique Newsmagazine)

October 5, 2020: "SFU political science professor says there is merit to throwing Surrey's police change to a referendum" (CBC - The Early Edition)

October 5, 2020: "Big promises from Liberals and NDP" (Global News BC1)

October 5, 2020: "Immediate reaction from voters, mixed reaction from pundits as Liberals promise referendum on Surrey policing" (News 1130)

October 9, 2020: "Generation Z Is Voting for Their Lives" (The Tyee)

October 14, 2020: "Highlights from the B.C. Leaders' Debate" (Global News)

October 14, 2020: "Opposition parties face 'uphill battle' in final days of B.C. election campaign" (Radio NL)

October 15, 2020: "B.C. Conservatives pose a real threat to the Liberals" (The Vancouver Sun)

October 19, 2020: "Lawsuit claims BC NDP Leader John Horgan's snap election call broke the law" (News 1130)

October 22, 2020: "B.C. election: Liberal leader maintains confidence as campaign reveals party's identity crisis" (CTV News)

October 23, 2020: "What to expect in the last day of B.C. election campaign": Part One, Part Two, and Part Three

October 24, 2020: "Snap British Columbia Election" (CTV News Channel)

October 24, 2020: "B.C. votes as NDP Leader John Horgan tries to turn a minority into a majority" (The Star Vancouver)

October 24, 2020: "To knock, or not to knock? During a pandemic, that was the question" (Surrey-Now Leader)

October 25, 2020: "Ian Mulgrew: B.C. Liberals praying for a huge mail-in vote" (The Vancouver Sun)

October 25, 2020: "B.C. election results: NDP flips False Creek, takes nine of 11 Vancouver seats" (The Vancouver Sun)

October 26, 2020: "Snap election call by NDP in British Columbia pays off, with a majority win projected" (The Star Vancouver)

October 26, 2020: "John Horgan Lays Out Plan, Promises Inclusive Legislature" (City Vancouver [CKVU])

October 26, 2020: "B.C. Election results and debrief" (980 CKNW)  

October 27, 2020: "B.C. election latest example of governments being ‘rewarded’ for response to pandemic" (KNKX)

October 29, 2020: "B.C. MLAs retiring or defeated in 2020 election sent off into golden sunset" (The Vancouver Sun)

October 30, 2020: "B.C. Election 2020: Voting and getting the results will be faster in the next B.C. election" (The Vancouver Sun)

October 31, 2020: "Student vote gives BC NDP a majority, Greens official opposition" (News 1130)

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in these media interviews belong solely to the interviewees, and not necessarily to Simon Fraser University's Department of Political Science.