Department of Political Science

Fall 2021 course outlines are up!

August 16, 2021

Visit our fall 2021 course offerings page to see the various courses you can take this upcoming term. Some classes, like POL 100 F100 - Introduction to Politics and Government, are taught in French. Other courses, such as, POL 416, E100 - Feminist Social and Political Thought, are available in the evening. We will also be promoting specific courses here and on our social media channels, so please check back regularly.

If you have any questions about undergraduate registration, please contact Undergraduate Advisor Brian Chand:

Looking for a 100-level course with no prerequisites that you can take remotely on Monday evenings? Register for POL 100, E100: Introduction to Politics and Government.

You’ll discuss engaging questions like:

  • Why are some societies plagued by war and violence, while others are stable and peaceful?
  • How are politics arranged differently in other countries?
  • Why does it matter how we structure government institutions or determine which individuals should hold public offices?

As a federal election is happening on September 20th, this is the perfect time to sign up for POL 121, Political Engagement: From the Streets to the Ballot Box! Examine voter turnout and its decline, the rise of protest politics, the spread of online engagement and much more.

Examine the politics and geographies of poverty and inequality amongst the countries of the global north and the global south. Register in POL 131, Politics of Prosperity and Inequality, this fall.

Sign up for POL 210, Introduction to Political Philosophy, this fall to discuss important issues, such as the COVID-19 lockdown, the continuing fight for women's rights, and much more, while looking at the writings of eminent political thinkers.

Explore the political dimensions of public policy making in Canada. Sign up for POL 253, Introduction to Public Policy, to examine key areas like health, the environment, macroeconomics and more.

How have political relations between East Asia & Canada evolved since the mid-19th century? Discover the answer by registering in POL 341, Politics Across the Pacific.

Watch Professor Radoslav Dimitrov present his upcoming fall 2021 course, POL 349, Global Climate Change Politics. Register today!