At SFU, we offer a range of scholarships for our students. SFU's Registrar's Office provides a range of information about scholarships, student loans, and bursaries available to students at SFU. If you are thinking of coming to SFU for the first time, be sure to find out about entrance scholarships open to all new students.

The Pauline Jewett Scholarship
is a cash prize awarded annually for high scholastic achievement. Eligible students will have taken more than 90 credits towards their Political Science Major Program.

The Rama Reddy Scholarship
is a cash prize awarded annually to the student with the highest CGPA graduating with an Honours or a Major in Political Science. 

The Robert Stanfield Book Prize
is awarded annually to two students graduating with a Major in Political Science, and one student, graduating with an Honours in Political Science.

The Somjee Undergraduate Scholarships
are awarded annually to 5 students who are a 3rd or 4th year undergraduate student enrolled full-time in either the honours, major, or joint major programs in Political Science, and are in excellent academic standing.

The Margaret A. Mitchell Bursary
is awarded annually to an undergraduate female student in second, third or fourth year of studies who is majoring in Political Science.