Dr. Kim Bartholomew


Dr. Bartholomew is retired.  Please see below regarding various requests.


Research-related requests

Please see the information on this site regarding research materials, reprints, permission requests, etc.

Review requests

Dr. Bartholomew is no longer available to complete journal reviews, grant reviews, tenure & promotion reviews, book reviews, etc.

Prospective RAs, graduate students, post docs, & collaborators

Dr. Bartholomew no longer maintains an active research lab, and she will not be taking any new students in any capacity.

Student letters of reference

Dr. Bartholomew is no longer available to provide letters of reference.  The only possible exception is if she has previously provided a reference for a student.

Media requests

Dr. Bartholomew is not available to provide commentary for media.

Requests to  reproduce published materials

Dr. Bartholomew will respond to requests for permission to reproduce published materials, such as figures or measures. Email: bartholo@sfu.ca  Please note that you may also require permission from the publisher, depending on the original source.