ADDL Students Present at INSAR 2024

In May 2024, students from the ADDL traveled to Melbourne, Australia to present their research at the 2024 International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) Annual Meeting. 

We had a fantastic time reconnecting with colleagues and meeting new researchers and community members! We look forward to seeing everyone again next year in Seattle, Washington!

Clinical Psychology doctorate student Troy Boucher presented a poster on the experiences of Canadians who completed an autism assessment as an adult. This research was co-authored by two other Clinical Psychology doctorate students, Marisa Mylett and Philippa Hood, along with members of our undergraduate research team. We appreciate all of the time and effort from our autistic consultants and collaborators, and express our gratitude for to every participant for sharing their experiences with us. You can view Troy's poster here:

Troy also co-facillitated a special interest group (SIG), "Indigenous Autism in Global Contexts". This SIG was the first of its kind at INSAR, and was led by Dr. Samara Toby and Grant Bruno. 

Clinical Psychology doctorate student Meryssa Waite presented two posters at INSAR this year. Meryssa's first poster, "Testing an AI-Based Auditory Intervention for Autistic Individuals with Sound Sensitivities in Auditory-Only and Virtual Reality Trials", was a research collaboration with Dr. Elina Birmingham and the Autism in Education Lab at SFU. Meryssa's second poster, titled "Gender Differences in Relations between Internalizing Symptoms and Social Motivation Among Autistic and Non-Autistic Youth", was her master's thesis research. You can view Meryssa's thesis research here: