ADDL - New Name & Website

July 19, 2024

We are excited to announce a change to our name! We have changed our name to the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Lab, replacing the term "disorders" in our old name with the term "disabilities". This change was made to recognize a shift in the preferences in language and terminology of those in our community. 

With our new name, we have launched our new website (which you are currently viewing!) and a new logo (see below). Our old website will re-direct to this website for the time being, but please update any old links you may have to our old website as we transition to our new website. 

Pictured: The new logo for the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Lab. The letters ADDL are centered in lowercase; to the left of the image is a young plant that is sprouting. To the right of the logo is a grown tree. Below the lab acronym and icons reads "Autism and Developmental Disabilities Lab".